A Call to Prayer and Fasting

I’m heavily burdened, as I’m sure all Christians are right now, to pray for this country. We are all concerned for Trump’s safety, and for the safety of the estimated three million patriots who are headed to Washington D.C. to show the strength of our numbers. Those few members of our state and national governments who are still trustworthy are deserving of our prayers for their safety and courage, as well.

Since I can’t show my support in the crowd Wednesday, I’m going to support them the most effective way I know how, by fasting and praying for our country from sundown tonight, January 4th, until sundown on January 6th. I ask as many who can and will to join me. This is not a political battle, my friends. This is spiritual. Our opponents are not driven by political differences, but by spiritual enmity. We’ve always known this, but the truth of it has never been more apparent. Because the spiritual aspect is closer than ever before to the surface, where it is impossible to deny, I believe our prayers have also never been more necessary or effective.

Please pray, my friends. Sitting here and trying to guess what will happen next will not benefit us at all, if we’re not also using our Spirit-given influence to implore God for mercy.

That said, I do have a few guesses as to what is going to happen, none of which forebode a peaceful ending. Trump is a peaceful man, and wants to leave our country not only better off, but better, no longer bloody and beligerent, meddling in the affairs of other nations for the sake of a few economic kings whose names most of us don’t even know. However, I believe he will do what it takes to see that no wrongs are allowed to slide by and multiply. That means we’re in for a bumpy ride.

I think Ted Cruz’s idea of a commission on election fraud (which sounded good at first blush) is a ruse to get the three million patriots marching on Washington D. C. to go home with the feeling that their march was a waste of time, and that they weren’t really needed. I think that he intends to pack it with jellyfish and wolves, not honest people, and that he, perhaps subconsciously, expects it to end in a Biden “victory”. Ted Cruz enjoys being the opposition, not the one actually having to work things out and lead. He also has some deep, festering wounds caused by Donald Trump’s calling out of some of his own vote fraud during the primaries of 2016, and the rumors that swirled around about him and a staffer, which came from Trump supporters. Trump trounced him. He has publicly supported Trump despite all this, and I think he is sincere about it, but something tells me that no matter how good his better angels have been thus far, he is still primed to turn on Trump at any time that he looks weak.

I still have no idea what to think of Pence. I don’t know if there is a plan between him and the president, or if he is being left to his own conscience. Trump definitely knows if he’s loyal, and is prepared for any eventuality. I pray that he is as loyal as he seems, because he could cleanly end this entire discussion on the 6th so we can move on to the next phase of getting our nation back from her betrayers.

I think Biden is going to have a virtual, fake inauguration no matter how the count of the electoral college vote goes down. He could be the only person inaugurated, but it is more likely to me that Trump takes the public, real inauguration, and Biden fakes one for the Shadow Government. Before he is arrested, he will be “president”, at least fohttps://www.getalonghome.com/2021/01/04/a-call-to-prayer-and-fasting/r the CNN-watching crowd. He has already cancelled his in-person parade, ostensibly due to Covid-1984, but really because he would have no support whatsoever. It would be one long line of hecklers from start to finish. It would be dangerous and humiliating for him to be in public, and he knows it.

Rather, they know it. Biden himself has no authority. Obama made that abundantly clear. He will never concede or capitulate, because his masters won’t allow him to. I do believe the rumors that he has been wearing an ankle GPS monitor, but I don’t think it’s because he’s been under house arrest by white hat law enforcement. I believe his own side is making him wear it to keep him from running to Trump for mercy. They did that to Hillary, too, in my opinion, though I don’t think she’d have ever flipped. Isn’t it lovely how these people trust each other? Wouldn’t it be great for them to get back the reins of power?

If Trump is officially in the White House, with our loyal military, it will be a short cleaning-out of traitors. Justice will be done. That’s why they’re so insane. It’s pure panic. If Trump is somehow rooted out, as can only happen through an outrageous act of treachery the magnitude of which has only rarely been witnessed in history, our side–that of Core America–won’t have a clue which direction to shoot, or who to trust, even while we’re being further oppressed by tyrannical governors and illegitimate national leaders, so it will be a smoldering, long, ugly thing.

America is the last major stop on the One-World Beast Line. There are smaller nations who are not controlled by the world system yet, but they are so, so small. It’s us or nobody, and it’s now or never.

Go to D.C if you can. If you’re staying home, pray.