Why is Trump Pushing the Not-a-Vax?

Shouldn’t he know better?

There’s an aspect of the Trump administration I’ve never quite been able to square with my own…what is it? Hope? Wishful thinking? Self-delusion? Let’s just call it my strongly held belief that Trump has all along been aware of, and fighting against, the globalist plan to finally visibly manifest the New World Order that they have already largely established in the shadows. Clearly he knows that Washington D.C. is dirty. Clearly he knows that there are a lot of treasonous snakes in our government. I believe he meant it very sincerely when he told Hillary that she’d be in jail if he had his way.

In that sense, he is not remotely naïve, and I do still believe that he started during his administration a great drive toward justice that can’t be stopped. There are something on the order of 250,000 sealed indictments that have been accumulating in judicial limbo. At some point, unless we have truly lost the silent war that (I thought) has been raging for the last several years, we will find out exactly which members, if any, of the Swamp are to be swept away first.

I’ve wondered from time to time, and especially whenever he talks about Operation Warp Speed and the fake vaccines we’re being pushed to take, is it possible that Trump doesn’t know as much as I do about some of these things? How can he who as president had access to all the dirt on everybody, not know that Fauci and Birx are, among many others who received misplaced trust from him, utterly corrupt? How is it possible that he didn’t know about Operation Lockstep, or Event 201, both of which clearly outline the psy-op that has been run on us since early 2020? And, ominously, how could he have gone from knowing and talking about the dangers of vaccines, and having received warning from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to whole-heartedly implementing Operation Warp Speed, which is nothing but a Big Pharma scam to have us all be, at best, their guinea-pigs for an unnecessary and untested product? At worst, and I’m afraid very likely, the “vaccine” is actually a mass-sterilization plan to keep a large number of recipients from being able to reproduce.

The question for me is not whether the shots are a good thing. They are not. The question is, was Trump played, or is he playing us? Because he is still out there pushing the vaccines. He’s still very proud of the part he played in using taxpayer dollars and the weight of the federal government to produce these horrific products to “rescue” us from a virus that is no worse than a common flu.

During his four years in office, it looked to me like Trump was playing, if not 3-dimensional chess, then at least a masterful game of plain-old chess. Is it possible that he was actually relatively clueless as to the depth of the corruption of the swamp that he was set to drain? That he had no idea that he was playing into the hands of the very people who are trying to destroy our country by buying into the entirely fictional Corona narrative that has held us hostage for the last year and a half?

In spite of his marvelous success in temporarily turning back the tide of government perfidy against our own nation–bringing industry back, lowering taxes, fighting abortion in a way that no “pro-life” president has ever done, bringing an end to foreign wars and refusing to start new ones, reining in illegal immigration–he appears at times not to understand the true depth of globalist dedication to enslaving the entire human race. He doesn’t seem to think that public health has anything to do with the Swamp. I can list dozens more things he did that were so good for our nation (Core America, not the State) that I simply can’t conceive that he was never really sincere in his stated goals. He’s been brilliant! So how in the world could he have not realized what was being done to us through the Corona lockdowns?

I thank God for him, and I thank him for letting us breathe free for a few years.  But there have been many clues that perhaps, rather than being a fully-informed part of a silent war being waged on our behalf (as I’d sincerely thought), perhaps he was instead insulated from the real scope of the globalists’ plans, and was never fully aware of the pervasiveness of the problem. He practically ignored the social media censorship and the many calumnies perpetrated by the mockingbird media against his staunchest supporters. He fully ignored RFK Jr’s warnings about Big Pharma, instead acting like a run-of-the-mill politician when checks for his campaign started rolling in from the pharmaceutical lobby.

While there were some early indications that he knew Corona was a psy-op (“it’s going to just disappear, and you’ll never hear about it again”), and that our freedoms were threatened by the drastic measures taken by governors of the individual states, he soon came around to the other side, and touted Operation Warp Speed as if it would solve all of our problems. Even now, while people are getting seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, blood clots, and even dying shortly after getting the shots, he still insists it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

In my mind, there are three–no, four–possibilities for why this is so. Going in order from the most likely to the least:

  1. He put his faith in Fauci and Birx because he simply didn’t know any better. He really believes that modern medicine is utterly trustworthy, and just fell for all of it because he’s not versed enough in biology, medicine, or epidemiology to spot the lies. Nobody ever read him in on the obvious plan of the globalists to use public health as an excuse for absolute tyranny. How is that even possible? But it appears to be the case, doesn’t it? He was played like a fiddle, and now he’s having a hard time admitting it, even to the extent of lying to himself about the success of the vaccination program. This doesn’t mean that he wasn’t fighting on every front that he was aware of with all honor and vigor, but it does mean that he had an unbelievably huge blind spot. (And not just one, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)
  2. Trump knew that Corona was a psy-op, and the virus is nothing unusually dangerous. He not only allowed it to proceed, but played along with it, because the descent into medical tyranny had to be allowed for some reason. Either it was impossible to break the media’s spell on the mind of the populace, so the ground had to be ceded, or there just weren’t enough resources to devote to fighting it. Operation Warp Speed may have been a last-ditch effort to speed up the mass vaccination plan so that it would be too sloppy and fail to accomplish its real purpose, which is the vaccine passport and total control of the world’s economy. If this is what happened, we’ve suffered a serious setback, and it will be a difficult one to recover from. It may be enough of a defeat to have lost us the entire war. As much as I want this one to be my number one, most likely scenario, I have to be honest and rank it second. It’s just a little too satisfying. KWIM?
  3. He was a willing player in the globalist’s plan all along. While I do believe this is the least likely reason (except for the obviously silly #4) for Trump’s confusing adherence to the Corona narrative, it’s not as distant a possibility as my heart would like to make it. Trump knows kayfabe. We, rather than Trump, may be the suckers here. Maybe he gave us our wishlist in so many small ways–taxes, wars, etc.–so that we wouldn’t see what was coming. Everything he accomplished looks at the moment to have been temporary, so it certainly would be a brilliant play on the Luciferian side to let us think that we were getting somewhere and then take it all back in the end.
  4. The Corona-19 virus is a real threat, and so deadly that it warrants destroying the world economy and removing all individual freedoms, especially the religious and health-care freedoms. The media really is our honest and above-board friend. There is no conspiracy by insanely powerful globalists who are hell-bent on destroying humanity as we know it and rebuilding it in their own image. Operation Warp Speed is literally the only thing Trump ever got right, and I need to turn on CNN right now so I can learn the truth about everything.

I’m open to suggestions if anybody has other theories on why Trump is still pushing what is clearly a very bad solution to what we used to call the flu. I can think of a few more, but they don’t fit very well with what I know at the moment.



Freedom Day?

Or Freedumb Day?

Today, January 31, is the last day by my reckoning of ten of the most puzzling days in American history. Tomorrow is, according to a Q post of precisely three years ago, Freedom Day, February 1.

People who even loosely keep up with the phenomenon known as Q know that something corresponding to “Ten days. Darkness.” (or Darnkess, as one unusual misspelling had it) should occur at some point in The Plan. Nobody has convincingly connected it with anything that has already happened, so it’s considered to be something of a prophecy, or maybe it’s more like forecasting. Promising? Teasing? I don’t know. Could be we’re a bunch of suckers.

The question for me today is: has it been ten days of darkness, as I have certainly experienced it? Or is it ten days, then darkness, as the Xiden administration fully lowers the hammer on us? Our enemies are rooting for a dark winter, and maybe that’s what that alludes to. But I still believe in the American military.

What the heck do you think was meant by this?


I’m still waiting to see a light start shining, and I’m being as patient as I can. I still believe the Q psyop was, or is, a purposeful revelation of the full depravity of our government, and I still believe there was, or is, a Plan. Like everybody else, I have no agency in what is happening at all, so waiting and watching and wondering is all I’m able to do.

Whatever happens, though, or doesn’t happen, I know this: I am free. I am a Christian, and I am an American. So if this fake president retains his fake office, and he actually has enough wicked people in place to enforce his fake law, then I will remain a Christian, and an American, and he will remain illegitimate. I will resist. No real opportunities to do so have arisen just yet, besides the occasional trip to a supermarket or church sans mask. Honestly, though, we’ve been officially subversive since the day we decided to homeschool our kids, among other highly Christian and American behaviors to which we adhere, so we’re not unfamiliar with the territory.

Some interesting things have happened to lead me to believe that we’re not finished. Primarily, I believe it because this guy said so.

Trump and his impeachment lawyers have parted ways. Perhaps Trump knows he won’t need them, or perhaps they’ve been frightened off.

Xiden’s panicked rush to put out such a ridiculous number of executive orders in his first week, plus the mainstream media’s obsessive focus on “Qanon” (which isn’t even right, it’s just Q) lead me to believe that they find the narrative as compelling as I have, and they’re terrified of it. They’re also trying to pin the Gamestop hedge fund fiasco on Q, which, for all I know is more accurate than not. This was orchestrated by somebody, and the somebodies who have been exposed and harmed are not friends of America.

So yeah, I’m feeling kinda chill. Here’s to tomorrow, Freedom Day, may it dawn bright and clear. 


The Best is Yet to Come

The CIC told me so. 

I know y’all are dying to see how I’m processing the fact that the fake president was sworn in after I was fairly confident that something would prevent it. It is, after all, an outrageous affront to decency that a man like that, with a record like that, and a family like that, could be permitted to steal an entire nation and we’d all just sit by, helpless, as it happened. But here we are, right?


Pompeo’s tweet from January 20th could mean a couple of things. Either, as I sometimes do, he’s praying that little verse of acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty over all while some plan is being executed, or he is telling us that we had, past tense, our plans, but that God had different ideas. I do believe that there was a plan, and I also believe that it was a great one. Even the best plans can fail, and that is one deep swamp. And ultimately, God’s plan may have been a different one.  But I don’t know that yet. 

Yesterday, when I said for the umpteenth time that this really isn’t over yet, my long-suffering husband asked when I’m going to finally give up insisting that we still have a chance. Well, do you remember that Japanese guy who hid out in the jungle and refused to believe the war was over because his commander said to stay there until he came back for him?  It took 29 years, but his commander did come back.

Well, my name is Hiroo Onoda, and my commander told me that the best is yet to come.  He said “we’ll be back”, and so we will! He didn’t say how long, just “for a while”, so I’ll wait. And I’ll wait. And I’ll wait.

I’m not just holding on to vain hope because that is emotionally easier. I’ve always been stoic about facing hardship. Fear isn’t a motivator for me, and despair is a foreign concept. I have Jesus, after all. I hope I’m prepared to take whatever stand God has given me to take, should we truly be descending into the Orwellian hell these tyrants have promised us. I acknowledge the distinct possibility, and I’m as ready for it as I can be.

Before I start digging into my jungle lean-to for the longer fight that is looming up ahead of us, though, I’m giving myself nine more days for Storm-watching. I was promised a Storm, and I by-golly want to have my galoshes on so I can watch it comfortably if it happens. January 31st looks to me like the very last possible moment for anything further to develop along those lines. I do have reasons for believing a surprise save is possible beyond just wanting it to be true.

There truly is–or was–a plan.

I still cannot, being a person of good conscience myself, conceive that a senile puppet who is provably controlled by China through his money-laundering family is actually going to be running this place for the next four years, along with a psychopathic VP, and a congress that is almost wholly owned by foreign nations. I don’t know if anything is still going on behind the scenes, but I have some small hope that even–or especially–with Trump fully out of office, something still could surprise all of us.

As of last night, when I looked, the troops were still in D.C.. They will start going home today, presumably, but 7,000 of them will be staying for a while. Scratch that, the request is now to keep some number of National Guard on a volunteer basis until mid-March. I’ve even heard they might stay into September, though I can’t remember where I got that. I wonder how this stuff even works. NG answers to the governors of their own states, but who is doing the asking? Why would they even do that? To protect whom, and from what? One of the feats Trump pulled off with his January 6th rally was getting everybody to burn out their enthusiasm–and more importantly their scant funds–all at once so that they couldn’t be in D.C. for any further trouble.

Whether he did that on purpose or not is anybody’s guess, but the fact is that those of us who supported him are largely the lower and middle classes. We have jobs, if we’re among the lucky. We have kids and grandkids. We have one or two weeks of vacation time per year. We have very little in savings. We’re taxed to death. We don’t have a Soros to send us here and there to destroy whatever needs destroying today. So there is clearly no immediate threat from any MAGA supporter anywhere, and everybody knows it.

But the guilty do flee where none pursue, so perhaps those troops really are there solely to protect our new overlords from the justice that they know they so richly deserve.

One thing I know is that, if that boot really is coming down on us, blogging about it is dangerous business. I’m not going to cower in fear, though, and I hope no one else will, either. Keep saying the truth. Keep believing the truth, because Truth wins. Lies will always self-destruct. It would be so easy for many (I’m talking to you, Fox News viewers) to go back to sleep and accept the fake news narrative that Joe Biden won, fair and square. That all of the claims of fraud were debunked. That our new “president” never profited from selling us to the highest foreign bidder. That Hunter Biden’s laptop meant nothing to our national security, and that he’s a great artist now, and a recovered addict–nay, a hero!–who needs our support. (Has that narrative caught on yet? It’s coming, I promise.) What an inspiration he’s going to be for the next four years!

You know what is true. I know what is true. This country does not belong to the people who currently think they’re leading it. Let’s do everything we can to get our country back into the hands of its own people. I’ll start with prayerful watching, and wait patiently for my commander to come back and get me.

He said he’d be back.  


I Feel Fine

Don’t you?

I’m hearing through my very limited social media contacts that a lot of people are extremely nervous. It’s too quiet. We’re not hearing much–really nothing–from the man who is still our President. We’re getting erased from the internet and there is literally nobody in government or the courts who will do anything about it.

The boot’s coming down! The boot’s coming down!

But I still don’t think so. Stop and think for a minute. Do you think the hardest-working president we’ve ever had is doing nothing, just because he isn’t broadcasting it on Twitter?

I feel encouraged by all the quiet, honestly. I reckoned in my last post that we’d hear nothing from Trump for a while, and that the media was going to go into a propaganda frenzy like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Was that wrong? No. It’s all lies, from sea to shining sea. And so there’s a fair chance that the rest of it is correct, as well.

If I had been wrong in thinking that this isn’t over, and that Donald Trump, with the help of a great many American patriots, still has an ace up his sleeve, he’d probably be on Gab or Parler, chatting up a storm and sounding completely impotent. He’d be on the news talking about how awful the injustice is. He’d be telling us how to prepare for his next campaign in ’24, or the new political party he’s forming. He’d be talking, because talking would be all that was left.

He’s not talking, I think, because he already has all the support he needs, and he’s working.  There are some mighty interesting things going on. Blackouts in key locations, executive orders hinting at actions already taken, resources being lined up, a state of emergency declared in D.C., DHS getting personnel shake-ups just as the state of emergency is declared, and the list goes on and on.

Am I just smoking hopium? I freely admit that there’s a pro-doom spin to be put on everything we can see happening. Are all those troops in D.C. really there to protect Biden’s tiny inauguration? Could be. Did Trump and Pence meet yesterday at the White House and walk out friends? If so, either Pence is no traitor and did exactly what Trump wanted him to, or Trump has accepted his defeat. Or there was really no meeting between the two. Which seems most likely to you? I honestly still don’t believe Trump is at the White House, though we’re repeatedly told that he is. Or, rather, I disbelieve it because we are repeatedly told that he is. (OK, I’m convinced now that he was at the White House. Deduct one point from my score. )

Did Trump really say that he “regrets” “conceding”? As far as I can tell, he never even conceded. Watch his speech more carefully and note that he never said Biden’s name, nor did he ever say he was giving up. And, strangely, his hair looked more grey when we saw him live on the 6th, when he said the words “We will never concede” than it did in the “go home” video and the “concession” video that were supposedly taken afterwards. It’s likely that neither of those videos was even made the day they were shown.

And when did you ever hear Donald Trump say he regrets anything? The word isn’t even in his vocabulary.

All this, and many other things add up, for me, to reinforcing my belief that we are in a time of blind waiting, but some are very active on our behalf. Believe nothing you see or hear, because there is so much going on that can’t be discussed. Nobody is revealing the truth in any way, and especially not the media.

I’m still on the fence as to whether Pence is a traitor, or a patriot allowing himself to look like one in order to set up a sting. Was his the part of Judas, or trap-setter?

Trump is supposed to be speaking at the Alamo today, presumably about that big, beautiful wall he’s been building. Some words I don’t expect to hear from him are “Biden administration” or “election”(Minus 2 more points, he did mention them). I wonder if he’ll say anything relevant at all, but I’ll be watching all the same, just in case.

How ya feeling, friends? Nervous? Hopeful? Confused? 

Update: Just saw this video from Monkey Werx and thought it was a nice reinforcement. Nothing. Is. Real. Until it is…you know.


Called One

Let’s see if I can call another. 

And there you have it. Pence cucked. I didn’t trust Mike Pence, and pretty much nobody else did, either. I knew when I saw Trump tweeting “courage” to him that there was no hope that he was on our side, and Trump knew it, too.

Trump did an amazing thing, not just yesterday, but at every one of the rallies he held over the four years of his first term. Yesterday was just his grand finale. He showed us, Core America, just how many of us there are, and how few of them. He showed us that there are literally a thousand of us for every one of them, and we love one another, because we love our beautiful country. People called it narcissism, loving to be in front of the crowds, but it was the exact opposite. He wanted them there so they could see how much they love one another as patriots.

Every traitor is revealed. The few–the Republicans, Democrats, three-letter agencies, leftist organizations–are all in on the steal together, and we can see it now. I believe that Trump and his loyal team knew that yesterday was going to be steered wrong by paid perpetrators of a false flag, and they also knew that the vast majority of patriots would know better than to join in. The fact that the recording of Trump telling people to go home and be peaceful was recorded prior to any of the events of the day is pretty solid proof that he was prepared for all of it.

Trump knew he could trust his rally-goers to behave well. But he also knew that a desire for justice doesn’t always allow cooler heads to prevail. In fact, many patriots, worthy Americans that they are, tried to stop the break-in, knowing that this was not conducive to our ends. A few hot-heads from our side probably followed the bad actors (and I mean “actors” quite literally), and a lady patriot was murdered in cold blood as she entered the House that belongs to all of us. I don’t condemn them for getting duped in the heat of the moment. Egregious wrongs against our country were being played out right in front of them. They chose an ineffective path in their anger.

I believe the planned “storming” was a play our side had to let the deep state make, and I don’t think they were happy to allow it, but it did accomplish the goal of allowing every single traitor in “our” government to feel safe in making his betrayal public. Because Trump supporters behaved SO BADLY, they were “forced” to change their mind about the blatant stealing of the election, and to allow Biden to become president-elect.

They think they have succeeded. I don’t know yet if they have or not. Biden is not yet president. Pence seems to be acting as a president right now, and Trump seems to be in exile of sorts. They’re talking impeachment or 25th amendment removal. I don’t think Biden will ever be president, no matter who wins the war that has now gone hot. At any rate, this coup isn’t stopping now, and the counter-coup has been well-planned. The question for me is, does Trump have enough loyal people, and no traitors, where he is now?

Prepare for an information war that dwarfs all the propaganda you’ve experienced in your entire, propaganda-soaked life. Nothing that you see from either side is going to be trustworthy for the next couple of weeks, including this, because what the heck do I know? I think we’re on Day One of that predicted “ten days of darkness” Q-tards (myself included) have been wondering about for so long. Trump will be deplatformed, and you have no way of trusting that it is really him on Parler or anywhere else he pops up. If it really was him, there’s so much going on that we can’t know about yet, that there’s not going to be a lot of information there.

What if I’m wrong? That’s the question that keeps me up at night.

If I’m wrong, Trump walks away from the presidency with his hat in his hand, tail between his legs, hoping to live out the rest of his life in peace among the people who are literally calling for his life and his family’s imprisonment. If I’m wrong, he’s been totally naive and thought that the game was winnable by lawfare alone. If I’m wrong, he has been so insulated by his rogue advisors about the truth of the deep state that he really didn’t know that the treachery went all the way through every “elected” official we have. If I’m wrong, he has either no intention or no power to right the deepest wrong ever done to a nation. He let that happen on his watch.

Is that the character of the man we’ve been following for the last four years? I so doubt it. There’s no way he didn’t know. There’s no way he lets that level of treachery go. He will fight until the last minute. We’ll support his efforts in prayer and whatever else we see that can be done. Most of us are in no position to do anything, but be ready, just in case.

So I guess that’s all a long way of saying that Trump still has America, and America still has Trump. Our enemies are, sadly, often the people we’ve called neighbor, or friend, or parent, but they are few. They’re just noisy. Look around you. Core America is here, and she is good, no matter how the media portrays her, and she loves Jesus Christ. Have faith and courage.  It’s not over.

Trust Pence?

I don’t know.

Lord knows I’ve spent enough time wondering whether I should. I was not reassured by the impression that I got from his speech in Georgia a couple of days ago. He said the right words, but his face seemed untrustworthy, like he was acting. Whether that’s because he was unsure what he’s going to do, or because he knows exactly what’s going to happen, his face plainly said to me that it would not be good news for us in the end.

Here’s an interesting post from Neon Revolt that claims to have some information. I hope this is all wet. I really do. Neon isn’t someone to be taken lightly, though.

And I remember how much courage we saw from the last people Trump called to courage.

A Call to Prayer and Fasting

I’m heavily burdened, as I’m sure all Christians are right now, to pray for this country. We are all concerned for Trump’s safety, and for the safety of the estimated three million patriots who are headed to Washington D.C. to show the strength of our numbers. Those few members of our state and national governments who are still trustworthy are deserving of our prayers for their safety and courage, as well.

Since I can’t show my support in the crowd Wednesday, I’m going to support them the most effective way I know how, by fasting and praying for our country from sundown tonight, January 4th, until sundown on January 6th. I ask as many who can and will to join me. This is not a political battle, my friends. This is spiritual. Our opponents are not driven by political differences, but by spiritual enmity. We’ve always known this, but the truth of it has never been more apparent. Because the spiritual aspect is closer than ever before to the surface, where it is impossible to deny, I believe our prayers have also never been more necessary or effective.

Please pray, my friends. Sitting here and trying to guess what will happen next will not benefit us at all, if we’re not also using our Spirit-given influence to implore God for mercy.

That said, I do have a few guesses as to what is going to happen, none of which forebode a peaceful ending. Trump is a peaceful man, and wants to leave our country not only better off, but better, no longer bloody and beligerent, meddling in the affairs of other nations for the sake of a few economic kings whose names most of us don’t even know. However, I believe he will do what it takes to see that no wrongs are allowed to slide by and multiply. That means we’re in for a bumpy ride.

I think Ted Cruz’s idea of a commission on election fraud (which sounded good at first blush) is a ruse to get the three million patriots marching on Washington D. C. to go home with the feeling that their march was a waste of time, and that they weren’t really needed. I think that he intends to pack it with jellyfish and wolves, not honest people, and that he, perhaps subconsciously, expects it to end in a Biden “victory”. Ted Cruz enjoys being the opposition, not the one actually having to work things out and lead. He also has some deep, festering wounds caused by Donald Trump’s calling out of some of his own vote fraud during the primaries of 2016, and the rumors that swirled around about him and a staffer, which came from Trump supporters. Trump trounced him. He has publicly supported Trump despite all this, and I think he is sincere about it, but something tells me that no matter how good his better angels have been thus far, he is still primed to turn on Trump at any time that he looks weak.

I still have no idea what to think of Pence. I don’t know if there is a plan between him and the president, or if he is being left to his own conscience. Trump definitely knows if he’s loyal, and is prepared for any eventuality. I pray that he is as loyal as he seems, because he could cleanly end this entire discussion on the 6th so we can move on to the next phase of getting our nation back from her betrayers.

I think Biden is going to have a virtual, fake inauguration no matter how the count of the electoral college vote goes down. He could be the only person inaugurated, but it is more likely to me that Trump takes the public, real inauguration, and Biden fakes one for the Shadow Government. Before he is arrested, he will be “president”, at least fohttps://www.getalonghome.com/2021/01/04/a-call-to-prayer-and-fasting/r the CNN-watching crowd. He has already cancelled his in-person parade, ostensibly due to Covid-1984, but really because he would have no support whatsoever. It would be one long line of hecklers from start to finish. It would be dangerous and humiliating for him to be in public, and he knows it.

Rather, they know it. Biden himself has no authority. Obama made that abundantly clear. He will never concede or capitulate, because his masters won’t allow him to. I do believe the rumors that he has been wearing an ankle GPS monitor, but I don’t think it’s because he’s been under house arrest by white hat law enforcement. I believe his own side is making him wear it to keep him from running to Trump for mercy. They did that to Hillary, too, in my opinion, though I don’t think she’d have ever flipped. Isn’t it lovely how these people trust each other? Wouldn’t it be great for them to get back the reins of power?

If Trump is officially in the White House, with our loyal military, it will be a short cleaning-out of traitors. Justice will be done. That’s why they’re so insane. It’s pure panic. If Trump is somehow rooted out, as can only happen through an outrageous act of treachery the magnitude of which has only rarely been witnessed in history, our side–that of Core America–won’t have a clue which direction to shoot, or who to trust, even while we’re being further oppressed by tyrannical governors and illegitimate national leaders, so it will be a smoldering, long, ugly thing.

America is the last major stop on the One-World Beast Line. There are smaller nations who are not controlled by the world system yet, but they are so, so small. It’s us or nobody, and it’s now or never.

Go to D.C if you can. If you’re staying home, pray. 

The Fix Still Isn’t In

This one’s for muh normies.

Normies (n.): people who have been so virtuously busy building and maintaining their lives and livelihoods that they haven’t had hours to spend reading and researching the political edifice that rules us all. Normies are often found on social media, whinging and cringing about whatever “news” finally manages to bubble to the surface in spite of media suppression, but without any understanding of how deep the rot really goes. The world could not function without normies, but we are in a time when the world will cease to function if they don’t wake up.

The trouble with people who mind their day-to-day life, and little else, is that they apply just as much emotional energy to politics as they have left after the bills are paid and the children are in bed, and not one drop more. It is, after all, all they have left. When called upon to exercise some intestinal fortitude in nearly any contest, they quickly give in and “deal” with whatever injustice has been foisted upon them this time, so they can get back to the more pressing needs of their immediate lives. The State–the one that operates regardless of which party is nominally in charge–has gotten away with much worse than murder for God-only-knows how long only because normies are honest, busy people.

And these good people are starting to do that thing they do again, far too early. With the media incessantly droning outright lies, and social media intruding on every conversation with an ominous reminder that Joe Biden has won, Trump is done for, they are beginning already to resign themselves to at least four more years of our pre-Trump status quo.

And then? Well, they’ll vote again!

This is adorably naive, friends. I hate to break it to you, but if Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20, 2021, there will never be another legitimate election again. For that matter, we haven’t had legitimate elections in our national races for a very long time. The governor’s race in my home state of North Carolina was also, I am certain, stolen in 2016 and again this year. I haven’t looked into senators and congressmen as closely, but there’s really no accounting for the longevity of a number of unpopular senators. There has been a lot of chicanery in our elections for a very long time.

And why wouldn’t there be? We are, despite our spiraling around the financial drain, the richest and most powerful nation on the Earth. There’s still a lot of pickins on this carcass. But let’s pretend that the nation will somehow survive this insult. We do, after all, have to be back to work at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

With cheating so rampant, and for so long, the only reason we’ve had Donald J. Trump these last four years is that those whom I like to call Core America voted for him in 2016 in such overwhelming numbers that their normal means of cheating couldn’t overcome his popularity. The last four years of acrimony have not been merely hatred of a man for winning against them, or for implementing popular policies, or for his contemptible appeal to “deplorables”. They have been because an honest man in power can see everything they’ve been doing and put a stop to it.

They are panicked. At the end of this, somebody is going to prison. A whole lot of somebodies. If justice is done, Trump will be able to finally deliver on his promise to Hillary Clinton (and dozens or hundreds of others) that “you’d be in jail”.

And that is why he literally can’t leave the White House. If he gives in to their home-soil version of a color revolution, they’ll kill him or imprison him and destroy everyone he loves out of sheer spite. They’ll take down every public supporter he ever had. And then they’ll turn their sights back on the nation that, in their skeezy little minds, is theirs to buy and sell as they please. But they won’t just pick back up the rape of our country where they left off, as my less vigilant friends seem to believe. They will no longer even pretend to abide by the rules. Why should they? We’ve already proven that we’ll do any stupid thing they say, whether it makes sense or not.

They will punish us for not being the obsequious grunts they believe they deserve. They will flood our borders with hordes of immigrants, take everything we own and give it to them with a generous cut for themselves, restart their lucrative wars from which we’ve finally extracted ourselves, limit our ability to feed our families, and inflict a thousand other delightful surprises on our national body. They’ll literally starve us out.

There will be no more America if a Biden-Harris administration enters the White House, I promise. 

Fortunately, there has been another, better promise made to us by a man who has to date always delivered on his promises. (Well, we’re still waiting for Hillary’s perp-walk, but I’m still waiting for Jesus to come back, too. The promises aren’t void just because both Trump and God are exercising patience in getting us there.)

While it is true that there are enough electors to install Biden on the day the certificates go to congress, it is also true that there are enough alternate electors to elect Trump on that day. Even if there weren’t, there would still be opportunity for the Vice President to reject those electors from fraudulent states. After that, each state gets a vote, and we hold that majority. The media don’t want to tell you that part, because it scares them when people know the truth. People who know the truth know how to pray.

The more aware we are, the more they panic, and the more stupidly they behave. Why is that? It’s because they know they haven’t won yet, and they’re not at all certain that they have the physical manpower to pull it off if it comes to shooting. They’re trying to convince you so you won’t be ready to support Trump in the event that he has to use the Insurrection Act to save the country. But they are also trying very hard to convince themselves, because they–the media–are complicit. They’re rightly terrified.

There is an electoral path to victory, and you should be praying hard for that to be the way things go down. But if we find that either Congress, or Mike Pence, who has squished with great squishiness in the past, don’t have the spine (or the cleanness of heart) to stop the steal, we are left with one final option. The truth is, there is so much evidence of fraud that it is a slam dunk case by now, and there are both criminal and martial remedies available.

Hang in there and pray, normal people. Do go about your lives minding your own business, as you’ve always done, but for now, please be ready to put down the normalcy and fight for what is rightfully yours.

If the Congress doesn’t do its job, it will mean war, and Trump’s got an army.


To Cover, or Not to Cover

I spend a good portion of my life bewildered.  

It seems like no matter where I go, I’m never quite up to speed on what other people are doing, let alone what they’re thinking. Bring up any topic, and you can just about count on my punk brain coming up with a completely different angle than everyone else around me. This is extremely uncomfortable.

I don’t want to to call this quality that I’m lacking “conformity”It’s not a willingness to conform that I lack. Believe me, as a shy person, I think it would be lovely to just do it, whatever “it” happens to be at the moment. It would be cool to, for once in my fringey little life, jump right in and blend with the crowd. I’d like to be respectable for a change. It’s not the desire, but the ability to conform that seems to have been left out of the warp of my soul.

So let’s just call it alienation. I am continually alienated from the people around me by my (apparently uncommon) convictions. Whether others have felt the pull of similar convictions and ignored them, or they just don’t have the same convictions is entirely between them and God. I wouldn’t even want to know. None of my business. Since we’re all reading from the same Bible, though, it really is a wonder to me that I can be so predictably orthogonal to the rest of society. Every. Single. Time. I am clearly broken.

I’ve worn a hair-covering while praying and studying the Word for several years now, even though no one else I know does this. I don’t believe it’s strictly mandated, but it is a symbol whose meaning everyone can discern. It’s a mark of submission of a woman’s own (meager, in my case) physical beauty, her glory, to the headship of her husband, who is in turn a symbol to her of Christ as He heads the Church.  There’s also that whole mysterious thing about “because of the angels” which I don’t need to fully understand in order to recognize that it is a concern. In addition to the positive reasons for it, I can’t think of any reason hair-covering would be inappropriate, so I do it.

The apostle Paul thought the covering was a good idea, and fitting in its symbolism, but “if anyone seems to be contentious about it, we have no such custom.” Let them do what they think best, in other words.

But, I note, they are being contentious.

Symbolism matters, except when it doesn’t. 

Some time ago, our pastor made a joke in passing about how we wouldn’t “be having a burka sale in the lobby” later on. I can’t remember for sure, but I think he was talking about ecumenism and that weird beast called Chrislam. Certainly he was not preaching from 1 Corinthians 11 that day, so the joke was an aside, not an attack. The fact that covering one’s hair as a gesture of modesty isn’t anything like covering the full face and form because of the supposed shame of being female didn’t stop me from flinching a bit, though.

The symbolism of the hair covering means very little to this particular pastor. Fair enough, I guess. That’s pretty much all the pastors these days, after all. It bothered me enough that I still recall the sting of the joke, but not enough to ruin the rest of the message. I mostly got over it, and the joke in context was kind of funny. But there was that shameful feeling of being seen on the fringes, yet again.

I’ve continued to cover my hair because the social pressure is the only negative thing about it. There’s no biblical or practical reason not to do it.

And that brings me to my current problem: Masks. 

Actual photo from worship service. I guess it would be rude to give them mouths when we’re not allowed to have them ourselves.

It occurs to me that the same man who wouldn’t dream of telling women to cover their heads is fully on board with having everybody cover a large portion of their imago dei so they won’t spill their newly toxic breath all over each other. Granted, the Bible doesn’t say anything about surgical masks, but I do think on an intuitive level, this ought to give thoughtful Christians pause. If covering up the faces of God’s children, muffling their voices, and keeping them from greeting one another with a “holy kiss” doesn’t seem creepy and perverse to you, I just have nothing left to say.

I can’t get with the program. I’ve talked myself around in circles on this. “Just put on the mask. It won’t hurt you, you know. Not if it’s just for an hour, anyway. Everybody else is happy! It doesn’t seem to be bothering them. They look fine. They can still sing. I mean, it’s a little strangled, but they’re being absolute troopers about it. The governor and the town council say you have to! You don’t want to get other people in trouble, do you? You’re not affecting anything by sitting it out! You’re going to get fined!”

And you know what? God bless them for being able to let go and just do it, I reckon. I wish I could see it that way. But I cannot get past the thought that our breath is not just a mechanistic thing. It’s a spiritual thing. God breathed life into the first man, and we are all ensouled with that same breath. To stifle it invokes a symbolism that I can’t participate in during worship. (Or most any other time, though there are times I don’t mind masking up to keep the peace.)

Just as the only reason I can come up with to take off my hair-covering is to relieve the discomfort of being different, the only reason I can conjure to put on the mask is to relieve the social pressure. I would be wearing a mask just to make the pressure stop. That is a very bad reason to do anything.

Masks don’t do anything discernible to slow or stop the spread of a virus by healthy people. But there is something they do very well:

Masks separate us.

They remind us not to touch one another. They keep us from fully reading each other’s emotions. They prevent us from even recognizing people we don’t know very well. They give us something to hide our thoughts behind. They act as a constant reminder that nothing is allowed to be normal right now.

Possibly the worst thing they do is to leave a blank spot in the impressions our smallest children should be forming right now of interacting with other people, especially strangers. As we’ve learned from studying feral children there is a window of opportunity for children to learn certain things, and those formative years cannot be reclaimed. Who knows what social effects this unprecedented year-long mandate might have? Perhaps there will be no negative effect. I hope and pray that’s so. But would you want to be the guy that signed off on that experiment?

Human beings cannot live under this kind of stress without changing their relationships with one another. And they can’t do that without affecting their souls. 

And in spite of the purported benignity of the coverings, masks do make us breathe differently, whether too deeply or not deeply enough, because they bring the usually unconscious act of breathing to our constant attention, where it becomes less efficient. I know for a fact that many people get panic attacks from focusing on their breath this way. Asthmatics are very familiar with the phenomenon. We can have perfect oxygenation, and yet our very breathing is causing us to feel like we’re suffocating. There are ways to overcome these panic attacks in the short term, but it’s a powerful indicator that we should not be doing this all day long every day.

Even while failing to prevent viruses from riding out on our breath to reach others, masks can trap enough of our vapor to cause us to increase our own viral load. They definitely make us rebreathe bacteria, as well as collect it against the skin. It’s highly impractical to change or wash masks frequently enough to prevent this when we’re wearing them as an 8 hour clothing item for work. I doubt that more than a tiny percentage of mask-wearers are doing it in a sanitary way.

Breathing freely is important to human health–body and spirit! Because I know this, I am reluctant to join the rest of society in wearing a mask, even though after nine months of the madness, I am painfully aware that I’m offending some pretty strong social norms.

Here, strangely, symbolism becomes a valid argument.

Because, as you know, you have to wear the mask to show you care. The argument from science is scarcely ever even attempted, for good reason. There is very little science to support it! Instead, we’re socially shamed for even questioning the practice. Masks are there to make everybody around you feel like you care about them, even though nobody is in any greater danger without them. Comforting, ineffective symbolism is now the approved way to show you care. And don’t you dare try to hug your grandmother. ( Don’t click that link if you don’t want to cry. I had a mild confrontation with a nurse over this back in June. My grandmother was visibly upset, and I went around the table and gave her a big hug and a kiss, and I’m not sorry.)

We’re told that wearing a mask is to keep you from passing the virus on to others, not to keep you from getting it. Never mind the complete lack of understanding of such a simple thing as circulating air. Here’s a clue: if I can breathe, a virus can get out of my mask. There’s a demonic little trick in that tactic, in that the mask doesn’t show how much I care for myself, but how much I care for others. It doesn’t make me healthy. It makes me a good person. Nobody wants to go out in public and make everyone else think she’s a bad person.

I am downright allergic to that kind of manipulation, so I guess that’s my medical exemption from mask-wearing.

And that is the source of my bewilderment. After nine months of being told that good people wear masks, that breathing freely means you’re reckless or rebellious, and that you just don’t care if other people die, how is anybody ever going to be convinced by mere facts to go back to normal? And be treated like a pariah? They won’t. They’ll just wait until the powers that be tell them to take it off. I despair, because if people will fall for this–not just for a couple of weeks until they figure out the trick, but for as long as they’re commanded to by an illegitimate authority–what else will they fall for?

As someone who is used to feeling like an oddball no matter where I go, I seem nevertheless to be far more sensitive to the alienating effects of these face-coverings. Maybe it’s just the last straw after living so many years going against the flow. I’m tired. Maybe I will finally learn to love Big Brother, if this goes on long enough.