Called One

Let’s see if I can call another. 

And there you have it. Pence cucked. I didn’t trust Mike Pence, and pretty much nobody else did, either. I knew when I saw Trump tweeting “courage” to him that there was no hope that he was on our side, and Trump knew it, too.

Trump did an amazing thing, not just yesterday, but at every one of the rallies he held over the four years of his first term. Yesterday was just his grand finale. He showed us, Core America, just how many of us there are, and how few of them. He showed us that there are literally a thousand of us for every one of them, and we love one another, because we love our beautiful country. People called it narcissism, loving to be in front of the crowds, but it was the exact opposite. He wanted them there so they could see how much they love one another as patriots.

Every traitor is revealed. The few–the Republicans, Democrats, three-letter agencies, leftist organizations–are all in on the steal together, and we can see it now. I believe that Trump and his loyal team knew that yesterday was going to be steered wrong by paid perpetrators of a false flag, and they also knew that the vast majority of patriots would know better than to join in. The fact that the recording of Trump telling people to go home and be peaceful was recorded prior to any of the events of the day is pretty solid proof that he was prepared for all of it.

Trump knew he could trust his rally-goers to behave well. But he also knew that a desire for justice doesn’t always allow cooler heads to prevail. In fact, many patriots, worthy Americans that they are, tried to stop the break-in, knowing that this was not conducive to our ends. A few hot-heads from our side probably followed the bad actors (and I mean “actors” quite literally), and a lady patriot was murdered in cold blood as she entered the House that belongs to all of us. I don’t condemn them for getting duped in the heat of the moment. Egregious wrongs against our country were being played out right in front of them. They chose an ineffective path in their anger.

I believe the planned “storming” was a play our side had to let the deep state make, and I don’t think they were happy to allow it, but it did accomplish the goal of allowing every single traitor in “our” government to feel safe in making his betrayal public. Because Trump supporters behaved SO BADLY, they were “forced” to change their mind about the blatant stealing of the election, and to allow Biden to become president-elect.

They think they have succeeded. I don’t know yet if they have or not. Biden is not yet president. Pence seems to be acting as a president right now, and Trump seems to be in exile of sorts. They’re talking impeachment or 25th amendment removal. I don’t think Biden will ever be president, no matter who wins the war that has now gone hot. At any rate, this coup isn’t stopping now, and the counter-coup has been well-planned. The question for me is, does Trump have enough loyal people, and no traitors, where he is now?

Prepare for an information war that dwarfs all the propaganda you’ve experienced in your entire, propaganda-soaked life. Nothing that you see from either side is going to be trustworthy for the next couple of weeks, including this, because what the heck do I know? I think we’re on Day One of that predicted “ten days of darkness” Q-tards (myself included) have been wondering about for so long. Trump will be deplatformed, and you have no way of trusting that it is really him on Parler or anywhere else he pops up. If it really was him, there’s so much going on that we can’t know about yet, that there’s not going to be a lot of information there.

What if I’m wrong? That’s the question that keeps me up at night.

If I’m wrong, Trump walks away from the presidency with his hat in his hand, tail between his legs, hoping to live out the rest of his life in peace among the people who are literally calling for his life and his family’s imprisonment. If I’m wrong, he’s been totally naive and thought that the game was winnable by lawfare alone. If I’m wrong, he has been so insulated by his rogue advisors about the truth of the deep state that he really didn’t know that the treachery went all the way through every “elected” official we have. If I’m wrong, he has either no intention or no power to right the deepest wrong ever done to a nation. He let that happen on his watch.

Is that the character of the man we’ve been following for the last four years? I so doubt it. There’s no way he didn’t know. There’s no way he lets that level of treachery go. He will fight until the last minute. We’ll support his efforts in prayer and whatever else we see that can be done. Most of us are in no position to do anything, but be ready, just in case.

So I guess that’s all a long way of saying that Trump still has America, and America still has Trump. Our enemies are, sadly, often the people we’ve called neighbor, or friend, or parent, but they are few. They’re just noisy. Look around you. Core America is here, and she is good, no matter how the media portrays her, and she loves Jesus Christ. Have faith and courage.  It’s not over.

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