Friday Links

Happy Friday, y’all! I’ve been a little under the weather this week (just a cold), so I may have a few more links than usual to share.

CDC busted. Lots of links in that one.

Junior Classics are available at the Castalia Direct Bookstore. These are wonderful for a Charlotte Mason style curriculum, and fit well with Ambleside Online.

How close is the Xiden administration to China?:

The National Pulse can reveal the center has hosted cybersecurity working groups alongside Chinese Communist Party government and military officials, despite China’s repeated poaching and hacking of U.S. technology:

Change the word “despite” in that paragraph to “in order to facilitate”, and I think that will get us much closer to the reality of the situation.

Homeschool Moms Unionize, Demand Minimum Three Hours Sleep Not me, though. I just set them loose to do anything independently that they could this week and took all the rest I needed. That was a nice week. We’ll catch up when my nose stops running.

Mike Mutzel talks a bit about cold therapy. I take a cold shower before bed every night–and our well water is cold right now–and it helps me sleep like a baby. Some people do it to get their day started, but I like to work out first thing, then shower. You don’t want to do cold right after a workout. Or while you’re sick. But you do need to do cold!

Dave Ramsey completely flubs it, says he doesn’t invest in precious metal because he doesn’t want to lose his Federal Reserve notes. No, really. He said that:

“I don’t buy precious metals at all because I like my money—I don’t want to lose it. That simple.” — Dave Ramsey

Bless his heart. I always recommended his Financial Peace University, but once you’re out of debt and in the habit of staying out of debt, give him a hard pass. I’m going to go see what he thinks of crypto, too, and do the opposite.

As of Monday, there were 295 deaths and 9,845 adverse reactions reported from the mrna “vaccines”. Unlike Covid itself, being young and healthy doesn’t seem to protect you from the shot. I’ll take my chances with my own immune system. It works fine. If yours doesn’t, I’d suggest getting healthy, not injecting this trash into your body:


And that’s the flu shot. The Covid shot isn’t even a vaccine. It changes your dna. You’re being experimented on, people.

For the next sixty days, the Pentagon would like our enemies to know that our forces will be busy reeducating all the white soldiers and Trump supporters, and thus not fully ready to handle threats. Stand down, indeed. Stupid and evil.

The New York Times urges Biden to create a Ministry of Truth.

And now Newsweek admits it, there was a secret conspiracy to take the nation out of the hands of the American people and put it back in control of the globalists. You never had a chance, prole. The good news is, we’re not done. Not by a longshot. God wins.

Take half an hour and watch this video to remind yourself of what they’ve done to this world.  We’ve been in the Storm.