Isn’t It Funny?

How in the midst of an energy crisis, “scientists” can still find enough energy to crank up their hadron collider/demon-summoner?

They can afford nice idols, too:

And while you’re paying $5 at the pump and 1/3 more for every item at the grocery store, they’re sending YOUR oil reserves overseas?

And the people telling you to get ready to enjoy insects as the protein percentage of your kibble are eating an awful lot of meat?

You’ll never get a headline on this, but the people who want you to get your booster every 9 months didn’t even get their first shot.

Funny, all that, ain’t it?

Update: Somebody pointed this out on SG. Whether the author meant to induce some sense of guilt or absurdity in his globalist audience, or whether he was unironically stating facts as he sees them is beyond me. It’s really on the UN website. The Babylon Bee couldn’t have done any better. Update: It really was on the UN website. I’ll take the fact that they’ve yanked it down to mean that they finally understood that the linked article went too far in showing what they really think of the cattle…er…people of the world. These people have zero self-awareness.

Friday Mess-o-links

Let’s dig right in with some stuff I’ve collected this week.

If you’re seeing all these scary stories about the cattle dying from heat stress, please know that it’s not quite the big deal it sounds like. It’s not great, but it’s pretty normal, according to Ann Barnhardt. Bill Gates would still like to starve you into submission, though. You want to keep an eye on his kind.

Farming isn’t looking too good right now. Pray, plant as much as you can, and pray some more:

The Price of Gas and Friend/Enemy Distinction. Read that whole thing. Jesus said to love your enemies. That means that you are going to have some. You’d better be able to discern who they are. Fortunately, these days they make themselves obvious.

Consumer Groups Step Up Pressure on Lowe’s, Home Depot to Stop Selling Cancer-Causing Weedkiller I think it would be a good idea for everybody reading this to call their local Lowes or Home Depot, and all other sellers of Round-up, and tell them you won’t shop with them until they remove the poison from their shelves. We might also politely remind them that they could be sued along with the manufacturers for selling environmental toxins. I do plan to make that phone call myself.

Equal protection under the law is a thing of the past. Know your enemies, and know what power they hold, and where they hold that power. I wouldn’t set foot on federal property for the world right now. Simone Gold to be sentenced for walking into the Capitol building and reading a prepared speech on January 6th.

Along the same lines, this will not be used even-handedly or in a measured way:

Words from Jefferson Smith, Confederate Soldier, North Carolinian, prophet:

And finally, some good advice for women facing c-sections from SG moms with c-section experience. I’ll just grab some of my own thoughts from GAH 1.0, back in the c-section-having days to go along with that.

We’re back into the swing of things after a few weeks of having and then getting to know our new baby:

She’s in good health, and so am I. My doctor said she has me down in her book as the “fastest c-section recovery ever”. Guess that makes me some kind of winner. Where’s the prize for that? I’ve been told it’s because I “must be one tough lady”, and maybe that’s part of it, but it’s even more because I’m too restless and distracted to lie around and recover in a more leisurely, sedate fashion. Never did know how to behave myself. (Added 6/17/22: Also, every surgery is a little bit easier to recover from because the incision area becomes numb, though still itchy. That’s not super. It’s irritating and a little bit scary.)

C-section tip: Try getting up and moving around, sitting in a chair instead of the bed to eat those abysmal hospital meals, showering, changing the baby’s diapers, etc., as soon as you recover feeling in your legs. You get better faster if you just face the pain and get it over with. Besides, the morphine they give with the spinal wears off after 24 hours, and if you wait that long to get up, it will hurt more the first time you move, not less. Don’t overdo it, though. Rest as much as you can between all the self- and baby-care.
The surgery itself: I don’t want to scare anybody, so I’ll say the reassuring part first: Most c-sections are completely painless, just weird, so don’t be afraid! My first three were textbook, perfect, no pain. But! Did you know that sometimes the spinal doesn’t numb you as far up your body as necessary? I was sure they were trying to stuff the baby into my chest toward the end there. Perhaps they were using my spleen as a stress-ball. Sure felt like it. I would have preferred any amount of labor pain over that experience.

The baby was well worth it, of course. Her siblings are over the moon for her, and Get Along Husband and I have to fight the kids for our turn to hold her.

Speaking of childbirth, it has been very hard for me to let go of that phase of my life. After the fifth c-section, there just wasn’t a lot of uterus left to hold any more babies, and I’ve mourned my inability to have any more children the way a warrior might mourn his glory days on the battlefield. While I was searching for that old post, I found this post that I’d written to a woman who questioned the wisdom of my multiple c-sections. Still worth sharing, I think:

While I’m extremely uncomfortable with the idea that children are a choice to be made, rather than a gift to be received, I am equally uncomfortable with the idea that women’s lives are fully expendable in the service of procreation. Not every risk we can take is an honorable one. Sometimes it may be foolhardy or even heartless, depending on the circumstances.

In speaking with my husband about it last week, I likened the situation to that of a soldier. A woman’s valor in childbirth is certainly comparable to that of a soldier in battle, and her necessity to the survival of her people is just as clear. The potential for grief is great. Childbirth is scary, painful, messy, smelly, bloody and dangerous. There is often cursing and violence involved. It is also good and necessary. We’d think very poorly indeed of an able-bodied young man who was needed to defend his nation from an enemy, but who refused to do so.

At some point, depending on the health and circumstances of the woman, she can certainly become wounded and unable to return to the battlefield, just as a wounded soldier can. Sure, even a crippled soldier could probably hobble back out there with just half of one leg and one eye, and many would be glad to do so if they could. But not only would our wounded soldier be unlikely to do any good for his cause, he’d be a liability to the other men who’d have to cover and care for him. So we salute his valor, honor his sacrifice, and keep him out of the fighting from now on. We revere him as a hero, despite his inability to continue. This is true whether he was wounded in his first battle or his twentieth.

Likewise, I could (and want to!) get right back into the “battle” and try making a new baby. But if my uterus is extremely thin (or some other complication arises), trying to have more children would probably result not only in my or the baby’s death or disability, but in the rest of the family suffering for it, too. I trust God in all things, including pregnancy. I also trust my doctor and the understanding God gave him to help me figure out when my body is failing.


As for my own impending c-section, I still have no idea how things are going to turn out. I am praying and preparing for a good birth, good news about the condition of my uterus, and the all-clear to go back into battle if the Lord sees fit. Given the risk of hysterectomy, thinning, and placenta problems with each subsequent c-section, I am also trying (with limited success) to emotionally prepare myself for the bad news that my child-bearing days are over.

Fortunately, the Lord saw fit to give us one more child even after that one, and then in the last c-section, my doctor said to me “Cindy, your uterus has just lost all its integrity! I can’t make this safe for another baby.” And so we had my tubes tied, and I’ve cried about it every month since. It is not easy to be discharged from service, even honorably.

Anyhow, deep breath. That’s all I’ve got right now. What’s interesting in your neck of the woods? Links to your own blog posts or social media finds in the comments, please!




Friday Randomness

Or should that be “Random Mess”? It’s been a whole month since I wrote anything! I’m very sorry, and I feel sure that the summer vacation will be better. Three days left in our school year. Grinding it out!

I love my toes.

I’ve been wearing the Vibram five-finger shoes for a few weeks. At first I just walked around the house in them. Then when I felt good about my foot-strength I started working out in them. They’re really fun to wear. It’s not a hard transition if you go around barefoot most of the time, as I do at home. While doing some one-arm, one-leg planks, I noticed that my balance is much better when my toesies can wiggle. They were just waving around having a fine old time, rediscovering themselves, and it made my core steadier than ever! I really had no idea how useful my toes were until I let them express their individuality. Now to upgrade my running shoes.

Truth Social

What’s the first thing President Donald J. Trump does when I finally decide to sign up for his lame-o social media platform? Why, try and make me love him again, of course!:

Yeah, I’m not falling for the Elon thing. I also hate Republicans. But I’m not falling for you again, either, Mr. President. Fail me once, shame on you. Fail me twice? Yeah. No.

You can follow me there, but I don’t know if I’ll use it. I just thought it was a good idea to squat on my username so nobody else can impersonate me. Who knows? I might find a use for it. It’s very Twitter-esque in its design, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. UPDATE: Never mind. I deleted it. It was lame, alright.

Ready to submit to the World Health Organization, global citizen?

Dozens of governments, including our own, are poised to sign a “treaty” that gives power within their nations to the WHO, primarily funded by Bill Gates, to declare and manage pandemics. This does not, of course, give legitimate authority to the WHO, but they’ll be behaving as if it did. So will some of your NPC pastors who say things like “Christians obey! It’s who we are!”

Hope you’re ready to make a very costly stand, because the forced vaccinations and masks and all of it will be back.

Oh, look! Here’s 13 million plandemic-ready monkeypox vaccines for a heretofore unheard-of and apparently nonlife-threatening disease that’s suddenly popping up among…um…gay men. Probably triple-vaxxed and boosted gay men. Those are the most heavily compromised immune systems in the universe. Relax, normie. You will not get monkeypox. I know you, though. You’re going to put on the mask anyway to show how much you care, aren’t you?

And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image. –Revelation 16:2

Thomas Insel (not incel) makes the case for abolishing psychiatry. Having had some brushes with the trade myself in my life before Jesus, I can only say:

They’ll make voters out of every “refugee”. But don’t you dare object to the undermining of your nation. That’s not neighborly.

10 states report severe hepatitis in children as researchers investigate mysterious outbreak.

It’s happening everywhere. One of my children had a mystery hepatitis after a round of routine childhood vaccinations. Doctors wouldn’t say it was the vaccines. They probably really believed it couldn’t be the vaccines. But it was the vaccines. How often does a vaccine of any kind wreak this kind of havoc in a child, but people are only now linking the disparate cases? It’s untellin‘, as the old folks liked to say (and I do, too).

I’m currently reading:

Fully covid!vaxxed gorilla dies of multiple organ failure. Happened to some giraffes, too, if I recall correctly. Of course, that’s all debunked by mockingbird media, so roll up your sleeves, little kids! The FDA says it’s fine!

Steve Kirsch, who stands to lose everything for saying so, says otherwise:

…the government has not provided you with the key data you need to make a proper risk-benefit assessment. They have assumed that the vaccines haven’t caused a single death. That simply isn’t true and you can now prove that yourself, just like I did recently using adult death data which included vaccination status. The result is highly statistically significant and has not been disputed. I’ve made the data publicly available.

As somebody who likes to lift weights, and run, and just generally crush everything in sight, this post by some soyboy made me laugh. As if all those lines memorized from The Princess Bride were of any use to anybody. Think I’ll keep grunting, lifting, eating meat, and being brilliant.

I admit, though, that for a couple of hours after a really intense workout, I seem to temporarily lose a few IQ points. Maybe 20. I think it’s the muscles hogging all the glucose. Even in that condition, I’m still smarter than this guy.

That about clears my tabs for the day. Hope you have a very happy Friday and a restful weekend, friends!

Comments should be open, if you want to talk back. I love it when people talk back.

Friday Link-About

All health and fitness stuff today, because those are the tabs I have open. Links are not affiliate links.

Plastic-hunting. I’ve been reading Estrogeneration, by Anthony Jay. It is the stuff of nightmares, what has happened to our society because of the plasticization of everything. I had (mostly thanks to this guy) been aware of the problems of birth control, plastics, and estrogenic agricultural chemicals for some time, so I’d already eliminated the obvious food culprits: soy and flax, food that isn’t organically grown (to the extent possible), and plastic storage and cooking utensils, including anything with a so-called non-stick surface. I’ve also been super-careful about our cosmetics and personal care products. Anthony G. Jay also does DNA analysis and has a wealth of information at his website, A. J. Consulting. I find his list of clean products particularly helpful.

I have seriously been slacking in the area of drinks, though. We drink water out of plastic bottles when we’re on the go, and I still make coffee in the most common of electric coffee-makers with plastic tubing and parts. I felt yucky about this, but hadn’t gotten motivated to fix it yet. Today, I finally bit the bullet and took a couple of extra steps to get the plastics out of our drinks. I’ve ordered a stainless steel percolator for coffee. The first one I looked at turned out to have an aluminum nut in contact with the coffee. I’m not going to exchange plastic for aluminum, so I finally found this one, which might possibly be actually SS. I hope so, because I don’t want to have to return it. (Update, it was an aluminum nut on the bottom, so I returned it. Glass pour-over it is. My lazy self will just have to add the water manually from now on. First-world problems, indeed!)

And I also picked up some glass water bottles. I’ve already done the glass water bottles in the past, and they worked pretty well, but…well, they break. I’m hoping we can be more careful this time around. Might have been better to go with stainless steel, since we’re prone to breaking things, but I feel like water tastes better in glass.

Healthy doggie. I’ve also ordered some much healthier dog food for my pupper. He eats mostly meat, and mostly right from our table, but sometimes there’s not enough meat left over, so I supplement him with the least unhealthy dog food I can find. That means I try to keep beans and legumes, as well as grains, out of his diet. Yumwoof is so far the best dog food I’ve found that isn’t straight up raw meat, which my dog hates. Expensive, but we don’t give our dog that much kibble, so it should last a while. You and I can both get $20 off our next orders if you hit that link.

And another Mother’s Day gift idea, if you’re still shopping, and the mother in your life is into fitness. (Are you reading this, Get Along Fam?) Egg Weights is offering a limited “Active All Spring” bundle with weights, bag, and a massage tool for $59.99. Very good deal. I love the egg weights I have for running.

That’s all I have in the share-tabs. What are you into these days? I think I’ve got comments open on this post. If not, you can chat with me on Gab, MeWe, and SG, instead.


Are You Ready? It’s Time!

I know you were expecting a Rapture, but you’re probably going to have to go through some stuff, American.

I was talking to a guy on Gab (follow me) yesterday, just in passing, and he was poo-pooing the idea that there could be food shortages in the U.S. It’s just fear porn, he says. This is the post where the exchange took place:


It’s hard for me to believe this level of denial exists. People are running out of infant formula, prices are going through the roof, and yet this guy thinks it’s fine. Yeah. It’s fine.

I know things have been very steady–downright luxurious, in fact–in the United States for the entire life of my generation. Even as a “poor” Appalachian girl, I always had enough, if not the finest, food to eat. If you’re a Boomer who was raised dirt-poor, the way my parents and in-laws were, you know that people can, in fact, get very hungry in this country, like any other. But it’s been a long, long time. Even my Boomer family can’t quite process the fact that we’re probably heading back into that level of poverty. Unfortunately, the hard times are coming, and we as a nation (if you can call this God-forsaken place a nation at this point) have earned them.

Get Along Husband and I haven’t been the most diligent of preppers, mostly because we have had to put most of our resources into the raising of our eight children. We’re not wealthy, and they eat a lot, you know. You would certainly want to look to some other blogger for advice on how to do all the prepping and homesteading kinds of things. But we do what we can to be smart about saving not just money, but food and supplies, for just in case things get tight. We didn’t run out of toilet paper during the great panic of 2020, for instance, so we passed that small test, anyway.

It’s about to get a lot harder than just a tp panic.

This nation has been cruising on borrowed, and often stolen, resources for a lot of years. We’re about to find out what life is like when you have to provide for yourself, instead of taking it from whomever you please just because you’re the bigger military or borrowing it from people who must know that you’ll never be able to pay it back.

I won’t rant on how we got here, though it is a temptation. I’ll just say this. Now’s the time. To do what? Well, first, you need to be repenting, America. Not just saying “Sorry I got caught.” (and oh, my, we are busted) but truly falling on your face and begging God to forgive us, and then accepting that there are going to be consequences for our national sins.

After that, if you haven’t already, you might want to lay in some extra non-perishable food, start raising some backyard chickens, put in a little  (or big, if you have the space) garden. Basically, start living like you can’t trust the system to provide, because you can’t. I know, a lot of us didn’t even know we were relying on the system. We thought we were doing things for ourselves. But look at egg prices. They’re slaughtering millions of chickens because of bird flu, prices are going up. Can you even get your own eggs?

It’s probably too late to materially prepare, but this might be a good quick-start guide for anybody who’s been sleeping until today. Honestly, you can only be so prepared for big disruptions. After the initial shock of SHTF, you have to be able to rely on your community to figure out how to proceed in the new conditions. So it’s our minds that really need to be prepared. Praying and fasting are in order.

As I said on SG (where you can also follow me, if you subscribe):

Christians, we are not promised an easy time of it. We are not promised a rapture (sorry) to make sure we never suffer a day in our cushy American lives. But we are promised that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. As we go into whatever is coming next, I will thank Him for sorting out the wrongs that have been done, for bringing us to our knees so that we may repent as a nation.

Turn to Him. Trust Him. Praise Him.

He’s got our ultimate good, and His own glory in mind.

Want to talk about it? We can discuss on SG, Gab, or MeWe.

Friday Link-About

Happy Friday! I’m still feeling kind of rough, but I think I have some items of interest lying around here. Is the collapse of our society interesting? Is that the right word?

From a post I wrote in December 2020:

Masks separate us.

Possibly the worst thing they do is to leave a blank spot in the impressions our smallest children should be forming right now of interacting with other people, especially strangers. As we’ve learned from studying feral children there is a window of opportunity for children to learn certain things, and those formative years cannot be reclaimed. Who knows what social effects this unprecedented year-long mandate might have? Perhaps there will be no negative effect. I hope and pray that’s so. But would you want to be the guy that signed off on that experiment?

Human beings cannot live under this kind of stress without changing their relationships with one another. And they can’t do that without affecting their souls. 

I don’t believe it is just the IQ of these children that will suffer. I think we’re going to see a huge increase in anti-social behavior in this generation.

And another post I wrote last year:

One of the most painful memories I have of this faceless time was when we were sitting two taped-off rows behind a family with a little guy, maybe a year and a half old, and the sweet fellow couldn’t take his eyes off my face. It would be nice to think that he was staring so much because he’d never seen anybody so pretty, but my mirror tells a different story, so I can’t comfort myself with that explanation. My daughter noticed it, too, and asked me later why he was so interested in my face. “I think,” I said, “that it’s because mine is the only adult face he’s seen without a mask since he was too little to remember. He doesn’t know what to make of grownup strangers’ faces.” It’s a scary thought for our society’s future when you consider all the babies who went through that crucial phase of development without adequate exposure to community faces.

If my fool self could see the disaster coming way back then, then your fool selves should have been able to eventually, as well. Everyone who allowed their children to be around masked people, or who masked their own children to muffle their tiny voices is complicit in the hobbling of our entire next generation.

You. Are. Complicit.

Repent of your cowardice, and see that you don’t follow wicked “authority” so sheepishly ever again.

  • Alright, deep breath. Moving on. A friend from social media shared a couple of easy recipes yesterday, both of which I’m going to try soon:

Homemade Mead

Homemade Apple Cider

  • And while I’m linking, there’s also a Mother’s Day/Women’s gift box available from the same friend. It’s very high-quality stuff, at three price points. I have one of those adorable aprons. Click through to:

Love your wife/mother exorbitantly ($300)

Love your wife/mother extravagantly ($225)

Love your wife/mother enthusiastically ($100)

I suppose I should link to something about Ukraine and Russia, but you know, I’m just worn out with the propaganda. I’ll wait for the next thing, and just remind you that our government and media are packed with liars, and nothing–NOTHING–they tell you is true, or meant to guide you to the truth. Like the masks, you will bring nothing but harm to your family and your nation by falling in line with this narrative.

Anyhow, I’m going to start teaching some lessons now. I’ll try to be more uplifting next time. Have a happy Friday!

Friday Link-About

It’s a good day for some links. 

Save and earn some money. While I think you should try to keep your spending as local as possible, sometimes online shopping is unavoidable. I’ve been saving a lot of money, plus getting cash back from the Honey plugin. I have $37.96 in Honey Gold waiting for me to cash out right now, and probably hundreds of dollars saved in coupons and deals found. You can also earn money on referrals, as I’m expecting to do with this link. Honey is super easy to use. You just install the plugin, shop normally, and then it pops up all by itself and guides you whenever it detects potential savings or earnings.

As the recently released Consumer Price Index shows, you’re going to need whatever breaks you can get:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.6 percent in January on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 7.5 percent before seasonal adjustment. Increases in the indexes for food, electricity, and shelter were the largest contributors to the seasonally adjusted all items increase. The food index rose 0.9 percent in January following a 0.5-percent increase in December. The energy index also increased 0.9 percent over the month, with an increase in the electricity index being partially offset by declines in the gasoline index and the natural gas index.

Cognitive Warfare is Spiritual Warfare. You have enemies who have never had to fire a shot. Your only defense is Christ:

Cognitive Warfare – the ongoing battle for who you are.

I was noticing the other day how much farther into their teens my children have gotten than their peers–or even I did–before setting aside “childish” things, like imaginative play and actually wanting to be around their siblings and parents. The fact that they’ve never been subjected to the predatory grooming of public schools, nor been exposed to degenerate media, is the biggest reason for that. My children remain naïve and innocent, as Jesus warned us to keep them. Don’t give these people your children:

School district in Enfield, Connecticut asks eighth-graders to share their sexual desires in the form of pizza toppings for a school assignment

If the war on cancer goes like the war on drugs, they’ll be handing out free carcinogens soon. Oh, wait a minute…how much did that vaccine cost you?

If you thought it was a little strange that Biden would suddenly declare war on cancer, as if we hadn’t already been up to our eyeballs in cancer awareness, research, and fundraising, perhaps it will make more sense to you when you understand that the war will be “fought” by the very same people who just gave a whole bunch of people cancer. The covid injections were the ultimate false flag, and now comes the war. The Killshot is the Cancer shot. I’ve known some people to have cancers come roaring back after the shot. I don’t think it’s coincidence. The data seems to bear that out.

For your general health, including cancer prevention: If you’re in the mood for some deep-diving into fructose and all its intricacies, this Peter Attia podcast with Rick Johnson, M.D., How Fructose Drives Metabolic Disease was just fascinating. I listened to it twice. Long story short, go easy on all the sugars and starches, not just fructose, especially if you’re already metabolically damaged.

But you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

If I’m a little light on links today, it’s because somebody linked to this and took up ten minutes of my morning. Very entertaining, what they did to my maybe favorite piece of music ever:

Discussion: I’ve disabled comments, as interaction is easier and more fun on social media sites. As always, you can join me on Gab, MeWe, or (my favorite) SG to discuss any of these things, or just the weather.

It’s Been a Long Week

How about some links?

The fifth installment of Corey’s Digs’ report on population obedience training is out. Follow the links at the page for the first four parts, if you missed them. 2030 Psychological Agenda–Obedience Training for Pre-K to Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 5: U.S. Dept. of Education & Multiple Agencies Involved

I did make one prediction for the new year. I said that I didn’t think it would be long before we don’t have to worry (at least in most states) about forced vaccinations, or losing our jobs due to our pureblood status. Looks like that one is coming true. The Supreme Court actually gave a little bit of relief on this one, though not in a way that makes me have any faith in them at all for the future. At least we can breathe for a minute and prepare for the next wave of pressure, whatever it will be. WHO is backing off, too. I’m sure there’s a trick in there somewhere.

If you remain a Pureblood because you didn’t give in, though you thought you were about to get fired, congratulations, you stand no chance of becoming one of the growing number (more than 150,000 thus far) who have been killed by the mRNA injections. Keep crushing!

Speaking of crushing, I ran a 11.04 mile this morning, 12:15 average for 3 miles. Like my shirt?

Get your own here. Never an affiliate link on this blog. I just want to see a good brand succeed.

If you’ve seen the hills I run, and how short I am, you’ll be impressed with that. If you’re a real runner, maybe not so much. Anyway:

Pat Yourself On The Back - Become Self Empowered with ...

If you’re ugly, this is probably true:

If not, keeping your face exposed is doubly advantageous. In fact, keeping your mask off, even if you’re only average-looking, is probably a social advantage at this point. Except for the truly insane Covidians, people have reacted with palpable relief to my open smile for the past two years. They’re as stressed out by the masks as I am.

Can it really be two years since I’ve been able to see the majority of the faces in town? Thank God I know a lot of people who didn’t fall for this so my children can be properly socialized.

While I don’t feel at all shy about showing my wish-it-were-lovely face all over town, I do cover my head while in prayer or prophesying (not that I am prophetess, but sometimes I do hear a word, like most Christians). I thought this study of 1 Corinthians 11 was very good. If if head-covering were one hundred percent optional due to the sixteenth verse being so easily interpreted to mean either “we don’t do this, so if you don’t like it, fine” or “maybe you don’t like this, but we have never done anything else”, head-covering has a symbolism that drives feminists crazy and terrifies their men. They don’t even need to know the Bible to know what it means. Nature itself testifies to it.

As China protects its own children from the evils of gaming and even the pressures of 24/7 online education, they’re happy to push mind-bending evil on your children. Call them whatever you like, but they know how to take down enemies/competitors using their own weaknesses against them. Gotta respect that kinda smarts.

Is that enough? Yes, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll post some real posts soon, I’m sure. School is swimming along nicely, and taking all my social energy, but…SOON, OK?


2022, Hopefully

We made it to the obligatory first post of the year!

I could do a look back on 2021, but that would be boring and possibly traumatizing. We’ve already seen all that. Do we really want to see it again?

I could try to make some predictions for 2022, like bloggers do, but honestly, I’d rather eat kale. The world will unfold however it will unfold, and it will do so entirely without my permission or guidance. I will probably be surprised by something every day. I will continue to (hopefully) thrive over here on the fringes with my family while we wonder what the heck is wrong with everybody else.

How about some hopes, though? Surely I can come up with a few of those.

I hope that people will finally take off their stupid, useless masks, but only if it’s because they figured out the scam for themselves, not because the scammers told them it’s finally safe to do so. If they don’t figure it out for themselves, they’re still lost. Sadly, even CNN is starting to call masks useless, so this is a thin hope indeed. I similarly hope that the stubbornly un-jabbed will stand firm. Hang in there, Purebloods!

I hope that I will be a more consistent blogger. Ideally, every post should be interesting, useful, and entertaining. I told myself a long time ago that if any post doesn’t attain at least two of three conditions, I wouldn’t publish it. The trouble with that is that I have become both lazy and perfectionistic by adhering too strongly to these rules.  If I’m going to rebuild this thing, I’ve decided that I must do it in violation of these strictures, so you, Patient Reader, may be getting some seriously questionable posts in the near future.

I hope that some states begin to see themselves as individual nations, as they were intended to, and begin to act accordingly. I see rumblings of it already with new abortion laws and restrictions on unlawful federal government edicts within state borders. But the influx of blue-state refugees to better-run, freer red states does not bode well for the trend. It is not in the locusts’ best interests to admit that they are not the rightful reapers of the crop grown by someone else. They will all need to go back if we’re to have good governance at the state and local levels. I’ll give a positive prediction about that: It ain’t happening–this year, anyway.

I hope that Donald Trump will publicly repent of his mishandling of the plandemic, and especially his touting of the harmful injections we’re all being threatened with. He was a great president for roughly three and a half years. He completely lost the plot with the virus. Sad.

And finally, dear Reader, I hope that this year, 2022, brings your family and mine closer to God. I hope we have peace in the midst of the storms that glower on the horizon. It’s not exactly a prediction, but I don’t feel that it’s going to be an easy year. But I do believe that Jesus is in this boat, and all He has to do is say “Peace, be still.” and it will. Don’t be afraid.

You are in my prayers, though mostly nameless, as “my friends”. If you want to put a name to it, or talk about anything at all, please hit me up on Gab, MeWe, or SG. Our lessons start back tomorrow, so my time will be limited, but I love to hear from my friends.