Come Back, Fat Friend!

Don’t go away mad.

My last post wasn’t really about fat people, of course, but about how socialism invariably and intentionally incentivizes the worst impulses we have, and punishes the best. But just in case anybody read it and got the idea that I dislike fat people, rather than the culture that encourages them to stay that way, or that I think we should go around feeling bad all the time because our bodies are broken and imperfect, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share yet again that I was once fat myself. In fact, I am still not perfectly shaped, and I’m fine with that.

I don’t sugar-coat my language, and that rubs people the wrong way sometimes–so much so that they emotionally spiral into missing my point entirely. I don’t apologize for that. The truth is often painful to hear, but I think we need to speak it. I’m not going to try to come up with nicer-sounding words than “fat people”. Comfortable words are the problem.

The fact that a person’s weight ranges anywhere from slightly pudgy to unable to get out of the door without a rescue crew and a crane, doesn’t make him any less of a person than I am, and I want you to know that I know that.

Often, what is lacking isn’t willpower, or self-respect, or intelligence, but resources and information. Trying to lose weight and failing, or losing weight and regaining it, is the story of almost every fat person’s life. It’s such a helpless feeling to know that you’re doing exactly what your doctor and all the magazines say to do, or at least trying to, but it doesn’t work. No matter how much you try to cut your calories, no matter how much you exercise, you fail. And your doctor blames you, and you blame yourself, and then you stop trying. I know the cycle, believe me.

I don’t want to get into my own boring history too much here. Suffice it to say that I know what it feels like. The problem I have is not with people being fat (which we can fix, and I’d love it if you’d let me tell you how), but with society telling fat people to just give up, embrace your misery, it’s beautiful!

Friend, we both know it’s not. It’s painful, and it’s embarrassing, and it’s limiting, and it’s dangerous. There are people who want you to be happy this way, and the people at Old Navy are apparently among these. They want you to stay fat because they hate you. Literally, hate. They, and all the major corporations have cast their lot with Satan, who wants to destroy humanity–our health, our happiness, our beauty, our loving relationships with one another. Everything that showcases that divine spark that God breathed into the first man, they hate and want to destroy.

So they tell you to stay fat, and they make sure it’s easy for you to do. Corporations put their highly processed, nutrient-free junk in front of you 24/7. They artificially jack up the prices on real food, while taking our tax dollars to subsidize grains and sugar, until it seems we have no choice but to buy junk. They spend millions of dollars studying how to make consuming their products an uncontrollable impulse. This is not just misguided. It’s evil, ok?

And their latest way of keeping you sick, on purpose, is making sure it doesn’t seem to cost extra at the clothiers, and instead socializing the cost of extra fabric.

Don’t fall for it, my tubby friend. You are not better off giving up. You’re not ok the way you are. To be fat is to be sick.

But you can get better. You are beautiful, made in the image of God, and God wants you to be beautiful in a healthy body. He’s not a God of dysfunction of any kind. I believe you just haven’t had the right information, or the right mindset yet. I’d very much like to help with that. Discuss it with me on Gab, MeWe, or Social Galactic.