One Simple Trick to Reclaim Your Freedom

All anybody ever had to do was this.

How about them truckers, eh? On the one hand, I am quite enjoying all the honking and triggering and milquetoast patriotism.

It’s a pleasure to see people finally getting good and mad after allowing the mistreatment of their entire population by self-appointed “authorities” for the last two years. I’m heart-glad to see that they’re not yet fully dead inside, even after all the soul-destroying groveling they’ve proven willing to do for the legal-medical tyrants during the Coronation. It gives me a small amount of hope that there is yet a way out of this. Besides, it’s just plain old fun, sometimes.

My enjoyment of the spectacle is genuine, but my moral sense recoils. What is really going on here?

It was “time” two years ago. Better late than never?


Do you recall this viral video from April, 2021?

Pastor Pawlowski has been arrested multiple times since then, barred from entry to necessary buildings, and yet again has been arrested for simply using his God-given rights. He didn’t ask the government’s permission to feed the poor, or to preach, or to gather with like-minded individuals. He just did it. And he is being made to pay for it.

He’s not alone. There are families who have had to find alternative ways to feed their children after grocery stores wouldn’t let them in. People have lost their jobs. Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses have been silenced for having a different opinion than the approved one. Many have been threatened and intimidated for refusing to back down. Some of the most compelling voices have likely been assassinated, given the mysterious circumstances under which they’ve died. While it is much worse in Canada, we have plenty of stories in the US, too.

Pardon me if I’m not terribly impressed that the mob has finally gotten mad, now that enough lives are affected.

People who have been robbed of their rights, ridiculed, fired, harassed, and arrested because they decided from the very beginning, on an individual level, that they would not submit to tyranny are the real heroes. If they gain relief through this action, then that is only right, and I’ll be very glad to see it. But I will know that any freedom returned by means of outraged protest is only a reprieve from some of the strictures that have been placed upon us, not a true return of freedom.

This is what’s really making people mad. They couldn’t care less about freedom.

As long as enough people were still confident that they would be able to eat and obtain the necessities of life, they didn’t have the first thought of rising up to protect just one. One pastor, one family, one fired employee: none of these infringements were a big enough deal to stir up the mob. Everybody cowered in fear, not of a virus, but of losing their meal ticket, while the few who dared to question the narrative were repeatedly denied their rights. Nobody cared while they were still themselves fed and housed.

Once enough of them realized that their comfortable lives were under threat, they finally woke up and started to do something about it. This is not the behavior of free people concerned with rights, but of prisoners engaging in a riot because the cafeteria is serving a less tasty pizza option since the budget cuts.

They’re rioting, and it’s a great show, but they’re still in prison.

These truckers and their supporters (of whom I am one, provided they figure out the “trick” I’m about to tell you) are thankfully throwing a fit on the powers that be, but they still only partially understand what they’re up against. They’re not yet outside the prison walls. They’re just making a mess at this point. A glorious mess, but one that can be cleaned up after they’re quelled by temporary concessions.

So, what’s the trick to regaining your freedom?¬†It is simply this:

Go about your business normally, without asking for permission.

If someone–whether someone in authority or not–tries to stop you, keep going. Keep driving. Keep delivering your goods. Keep shopping. Keep preaching and singing and praying. Keep smiling with your face uncovered. Many of us have been doing this all along. It has cost us. At this point, it has cost me so much faith in my fellow man that I have a hard time relating to him anymore. I don’t currently even have a church where I trust the leadership to discern the signs of the times.

But there is a path to freedom. We can get out of this. I am hopeful that I can even get some of my faith in humanity back.

But (and I’m afraid this is a very big “but”) it’s going to take returning to normal without permission. We must insist on normalcy. This protest is the very opposite of that.

In order to get out of the Great Reset prison, we do not need all this wasteful fuss, and in fact this fuss is counter-productive. It is giving the “authorities” the legitimacy of still having the final choice in how you live your life. They’re choking up the supply lines, not because they are righteously angry, but because they’re afraid to keep moving without the backing of a huge crowd. They’re shutting down the supply line to save it. In the short term, it could work. But in the long term, it is merely loosening up the boa constrictor long enough for it to get another grip.

I’m sorry to break this to you, trucker, but it is the individual who must face the consequences of doing the right thing. You’ll never get there as a collective, because as a collective, you are ruled, not self-ruled.

If these truckers go home and back to normal because they “won” a concession from the government, they lose. They have fed the Beast by letting it decide¬†what they will do next. And not one of those who have been suffering all along because they were bold enough to stand alone will be beholden to you, though you think are doing something so brave. They will still be arrested. Still be banned from employment. Still be ostracized. But at least you’ll have your supply chain.

If the truckers go home with a “loss”, their morale will be hurt. Like children who have been told “no” by mommy, they will pout. But that is still my desired outcome, for this reason: My heart is with them in their desire for the mandates to end. But if they “lose” they will have an opportunity to actually become free. They will only become free by ignoring the lying media, the illegitimate governments, and their weak and cowardly enforcers, and living as free men. It will require confrontations as individuals. It will require potentially getting in trouble. It will require angering the Nanny state on a personal level. Nothing else will gain them true freedom.

Unless the mandates die with the whimper of an unfed beast, rather than by the grudging leniency of the Powers That Be, you lose, truckers.