Friday Link-About

Haven’t done this in a while. Let’s see what’s in the tabs!

First of all, I want to direct you to a give-send-go I’ve set up for my relatives, who are facing the winter with an inadequate heat source. They’re an older couple, very dear to me, and have no means of raising extra money. Help heat the Greer home.

Now, on to the more random stuff. Some links are kind of old because I have not been keeping up the way I should:


  • I hope you’re using cash as much as possible. Here’s some good news on that front. House Committee passes bill to ban Federal Reserve from creating a CBDC
  • It’s a shame we can’t all just breeze happily through life without ever encountering a secret enemy. But we can’t. We are, I’m sorry, being manipulated constantly. Anatomy of a Psyop explains how.
  • And the next one is like unto it: Evils and Designs
    They don’t care about you. They just want you to keep mindlessly stuffing your face, and then going to the “healthcare” system to keep you miserably alive so you can stuff your face with some more. But that post is about more than food, so go read the whole thing.
  • If you currently have pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity, Revero can help you figure out what you should be stuffing your face with, so that you may live in health and happiness. (Full disclosure, I’m an investor in Revero and stand to make or lose money on that endeavor. You’re going to hear a lot from me about that, because it’s exactly the direction healthcare needs to go.) Go here to get on the waiting list to see a doctor who understands how to heal your metabolism.
  • From Fire in a Bottle, Oxidized Seed Oils Cause Diabetes. I always tell people who are reluctant to go all-in on a keto or carnivore diet to at least get all the seed oils out. They are toxic.
  • I remember hearing about the Romeike family years ago, when they first fled Germany to keep their family together. I think I even contributed to their legal fund. While they did have several years of respite (during the Trump administration, naturally), our government, which sees no problem at all with hordes of military-aged men streaming across our borders unannounced, has decided that this Christian homeschooling family has to go back. They simply can’t contribute to our society.
  • I am appalled at how many items at the grocery store now contain such things as polysorbates and food dyes. The pickles were fine before they started adding all this junk, so why is it even there? No time for my thoughts as to why. Just avoid them, OK? There’s a lot of the same nasty stuff in vaccines, too. Read your labels!
  • We’re winning!:
  • As we see homeschooling go mainstream, and the face of homeschooling changes, don’t forget that we homeschoolers need to give ourselves Permission to Be Ordinary:

Homeschoolers, as much as we cheer for greatness and excellence, and hope to see our children attain the absolute pinnacle of their personal capabilities, we need to give ourselves permission to be ordinary. The rightness of our choice to raise our own children isn’t predicated on our academic results or our children’s future earnings. It is based solely in our right and responsibility to raise our own children for the Glory of God.

And finally, the first three blog posts in my series, Why Didn’t Carnivore Work for You? Catch up on those, and stay tuned for more in the future!:

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