I Feel Fine

Don’t you?

I’m hearing through my very limited social media contacts that a lot of people are extremely nervous. It’s too quiet. We’re not hearing much–really nothing–from the man who is still our President. We’re getting erased from the internet and there is literally nobody in government or the courts who will do anything about it.

The boot’s coming down! The boot’s coming down!

But I still don’t think so. Stop and think for a minute. Do you think the hardest-working president we’ve ever had is doing nothing, just because he isn’t broadcasting it on Twitter?

I feel encouraged by all the quiet, honestly. I reckoned in my last post that we’d hear nothing from Trump for a while, and that the media was going to go into a propaganda frenzy like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Was that wrong? No. It’s all lies, from sea to shining sea. And so there’s a fair chance that the rest of it is correct, as well.

If I had been wrong in thinking that this isn’t over, and that Donald Trump, with the help of a great many American patriots, still has an ace up his sleeve, he’d probably be on Gab or Parler, chatting up a storm and sounding completely impotent. He’d be on the news talking about how awful the injustice is. He’d be telling us how to prepare for his next campaign in ’24, or the new political party he’s forming. He’d be talking, because talking would be all that was left.

He’s not talking, I think, because he already has all the support he needs, and he’s working.  There are some mighty interesting things going on. Blackouts in key locations, executive orders hinting at actions already taken, resources being lined up, a state of emergency declared in D.C., DHS getting personnel shake-ups just as the state of emergency is declared, and the list goes on and on.

Am I just smoking hopium? I freely admit that there’s a pro-doom spin to be put on everything we can see happening. Are all those troops in D.C. really there to protect Biden’s tiny inauguration? Could be. Did Trump and Pence meet yesterday at the White House and walk out friends? If so, either Pence is no traitor and did exactly what Trump wanted him to, or Trump has accepted his defeat. Or there was really no meeting between the two. Which seems most likely to you? I honestly still don’t believe Trump is at the White House, though we’re repeatedly told that he is. Or, rather, I disbelieve it because we are repeatedly told that he is. (OK, I’m convinced now that he was at the White House. Deduct one point from my score. )

Did Trump really say that he “regrets” “conceding”? As far as I can tell, he never even conceded. Watch his speech more carefully and note that he never said Biden’s name, nor did he ever say he was giving up. And, strangely, his hair looked more grey when we saw him live on the 6th, when he said the words “We will never concede” than it did in the “go home” video and the “concession” video that were supposedly taken afterwards. It’s likely that neither of those videos was even made the day they were shown.

And when did you ever hear Donald Trump say he regrets anything? The word isn’t even in his vocabulary.

All this, and many other things add up, for me, to reinforcing my belief that we are in a time of blind waiting, but some are very active on our behalf. Believe nothing you see or hear, because there is so much going on that can’t be discussed. Nobody is revealing the truth in any way, and especially not the media.

I’m still on the fence as to whether Pence is a traitor, or a patriot allowing himself to look like one in order to set up a sting. Was his the part of Judas, or trap-setter?

Trump is supposed to be speaking at the Alamo today, presumably about that big, beautiful wall he’s been building. Some words I don’t expect to hear from him are “Biden administration” or “election”(Minus 2 more points, he did mention them). I wonder if he’ll say anything relevant at all, but I’ll be watching all the same, just in case.

How ya feeling, friends? Nervous? Hopeful? Confused? 

Update: Just saw this video from Monkey Werx and thought it was a nice reinforcement. Nothing. Is. Real. Until it is…you know.