A Few Links

to get you through the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Guess this was the reason I had a hard time finding peppermint sticks for our gingerbread house decorating party. Stop blaming Covid. Blame the government. Covid is just their excuse for making you miserable. They’re psychopaths, and they love to squish little bugs like you under their heels.

Speaking of psychopaths:

Hold firm, Pureblood. I really do think we’re almost out of these particular woods.

How to Succeed Like a Dark Lord is making me laugh every episode. Also, My Sister Suprema.

Omicron is a thing, if you’re vaccinated:

Show kindness to the stranger, they said! Angels unawares, they said! 

When some virtue-signaling ninny insists that importing to your town a number of foreign settlers (many of whom are likely war criminals fleeing justice with their families) who’ve been ejected from their home countries is the same thing as spreading the Gospel, point them toward Hamtramck, Michigan. Perhaps they’d like to go live there and evangelize them for a bit. Contrary to the globalist narrative that we have to take every comer onto our home soil just because Christians are supposed to be nice to everybody, it is to our actual neighbors–you know, the people whose tax money you’re commandeering to pay for all this–that we owe our love. Leapfrogging over your actual neighbor to get more colorful ones is what you do when you’ve already failed to love the ones you have. Importing people who are going to first financially burden and ultimately displace our real neighbors is not Christian.

It’s simply wicked to expect your neighbor to pay, in so many ways, for your “good” deeds.

Proving that the “vaccines”, PCR tests, and social distancing are all useless to prevent this airborne respiratory virus, 48 test positive for covid-19 virus aboard world’s biggest cruise ship. These people were all fully vaccinated, tested before they went aboard, masked when indoors, distanced from non-injected people, and aboard an obsessively sanitized ship for days before catching the cough. If you’re still in favor of all the idiotic measures governments have taken, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

First they make you sick, then they sell you the cure.

And finally, I hope you have time to read a lot this week, because there are three parts out already of a nine-part series from Corey’s Digs that I think is incredibly important for you to read. This is how they’re manipulating us:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Programming

Part 3: Spirituality in Education Programming