2022, Hopefully

We made it to the obligatory first post of the year!

I could do a look back on 2021, but that would be boring and possibly traumatizing. We’ve already seen all that. Do we really want to see it again?

I could try to make some predictions for 2022, like bloggers do, but honestly, I’d rather eat kale. The world will unfold however it will unfold, and it will do so entirely without my permission or guidance. I will probably be surprised by something every day. I will continue to (hopefully) thrive over here on the fringes with my family while we wonder what the heck is wrong with everybody else.

How about some hopes, though? Surely I can come up with a few of those.

I hope that people will finally take off their stupid, useless masks, but only if it’s because they figured out the scam for themselves, not because the scammers told them it’s finally safe to do so. If they don’t figure it out for themselves, they’re still lost. Sadly, even CNN is starting to call masks useless, so this is a thin hope indeed. I similarly hope that the stubbornly un-jabbed will stand firm. Hang in there, Purebloods!

I hope that I will be a more consistent blogger. Ideally, every post should be interesting, useful, and entertaining. I told myself a long time ago that if any post doesn’t attain at least two of three conditions, I wouldn’t publish it. The trouble with that is that I have become both lazy and perfectionistic by adhering too strongly to these rules.¬† If I’m going to rebuild this thing, I’ve decided that I must do it in violation of these strictures, so you, Patient Reader, may be getting some seriously questionable posts in the near future.

I hope¬†that some states begin to see themselves as individual nations, as they were intended to, and begin to act accordingly. I see rumblings of it already with new abortion laws and restrictions on unlawful federal government edicts within state borders. But the influx of blue-state refugees to better-run, freer red states does not bode well for the trend. It is not in the locusts’ best interests to admit that they are not the rightful reapers of the crop grown by someone else. They will all need to go back if we’re to have good governance at the state and local levels. I’ll give a positive prediction about that: It ain’t happening–this year, anyway.

I hope that Donald Trump will publicly repent of his mishandling of the plandemic, and especially his touting of the harmful injections we’re all being threatened with. He was a great president for roughly three and a half years. He completely lost the plot with the virus. Sad.

And finally, dear Reader, I hope that this year, 2022, brings your family and mine closer to God. I hope we have peace in the midst of the storms that glower on the horizon. It’s not exactly a prediction, but I don’t feel that it’s going to be an easy year. But I do believe that Jesus is in this boat, and all He has to do is say “Peace, be still.” and it will. Don’t be afraid.

You are in my prayers, though mostly nameless, as “my friends”. If you want to put a name to it, or talk about anything at all, please hit me up on Gab, MeWe, or SG. Our lessons start back tomorrow, so my time will be limited, but I love to hear from my friends.