Friday Link-About

Happy Friday! I’m still feeling kind of rough, but I think I have some items of interest lying around here. Is the collapse of our society interesting? Is that the right word?

From a post I wrote in December 2020:

Masks separate us.

Possibly the worst thing they do is to leave a blank spot in the impressions our smallest children should be forming right now of interacting with other people, especially strangers. As we’ve learned from studying feral children there is a window of opportunity for children to learn certain things, and those formative years cannot be reclaimed. Who knows what social effects this unprecedented year-long mandate might have? Perhaps there will be no negative effect. I hope and pray that’s so. But would you want to be the guy that signed off on that experiment?

Human beings cannot live under this kind of stress without changing their relationships with one another. And they can’t do that without affecting their souls. 

I don’t believe it is just the IQ of these children that will suffer. I think we’re going to see a huge increase in anti-social behavior in this generation.

And another post I wrote last year:

One of the most painful memories I have of this faceless time was when we were sitting two taped-off rows behind a family with a little guy, maybe a year and a half old, and the sweet fellow couldn’t take his eyes off my face. It would be nice to think that he was staring so much because he’d never seen anybody so pretty, but my mirror tells a different story, so I can’t comfort myself with that explanation. My daughter noticed it, too, and asked me later why he was so interested in my face. “I think,” I said, “that it’s because mine is the only adult face he’s seen without a mask since he was too little to remember. He doesn’t know what to make of grownup strangers’ faces.” It’s a scary thought for our society’s future when you consider all the babies who went through that crucial phase of development without adequate exposure to community faces.

If my fool self could see the disaster coming way back then, then your fool selves should have been able to eventually, as well. Everyone who allowed their children to be around masked people, or who masked their own children to muffle their tiny voices is complicit in the hobbling of our entire next generation.

You. Are. Complicit.

Repent of your cowardice, and see that you don’t follow wicked “authority” so sheepishly ever again.

  • Alright, deep breath. Moving on. A friend from social media shared a couple of easy recipes yesterday, both of which I’m going to try soon:

Homemade Mead

Homemade Apple Cider

  • And while I’m linking, there’s also a Mother’s Day/Women’s gift box available from the same friend. It’s very high-quality stuff, at three price points. I have one of those adorable aprons. Click through to:

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I suppose I should link to something about Ukraine and Russia, but you know, I’m just worn out with the propaganda. I’ll wait for the next thing, and just remind you that our government and media are packed with liars, and nothing–NOTHING–they tell you is true, or meant to guide you to the truth. Like the masks, you will bring nothing but harm to your family and your nation by falling in line with this narrative.

Anyhow, I’m going to start teaching some lessons now. I’ll try to be more uplifting next time. Have a happy Friday!