Are You Ready? It’s Time!

I know you were expecting a Rapture, but you’re probably going to have to go through some stuff, American.

I was talking to a guy on Gab (follow me) yesterday, just in passing, and he was poo-pooing the idea that there could be food shortages in the U.S. It’s just fear porn, he says. This is the post where the exchange took place:


It’s hard for me to believe this level of denial exists. People are running out of infant formula, prices are going through the roof, and yet this guy thinks it’s fine. Yeah. It’s fine.

I know things have been very steady–downright luxurious, in fact–in the United States for the entire life of my generation. Even as a “poor” Appalachian girl, I always had enough, if not the finest, food to eat. If you’re a Boomer who was raised dirt-poor, the way my parents and in-laws were, you know that people can, in fact, get very hungry in this country, like any other. But it’s been a long, long time. Even my Boomer family can’t quite process the fact that we’re probably heading back into that level of poverty. Unfortunately, the hard times are coming, and we as a nation (if you can call this God-forsaken place a nation at this point) have earned them.

Get Along Husband and I haven’t been the most diligent of preppers, mostly because we have had to put most of our resources into the raising of our eight children. We’re not wealthy, and they eat a lot, you know. You would certainly want to look to some other blogger for advice on how to do all the prepping and homesteading kinds of things. But we do what we can to be smart about saving not just money, but food and supplies, for just in case things get tight. We didn’t run out of toilet paper during the great panic of 2020, for instance, so we passed that small test, anyway.

It’s about to get a lot harder than just a tp panic.

This nation has been cruising on borrowed, and often stolen, resources for a lot of years. We’re about to find out what life is like when you have to provide for yourself, instead of taking it from whomever you please just because you’re the bigger military or borrowing it from people who must know that you’ll never be able to pay it back.

I won’t rant on how we got here, though it is a temptation. I’ll just say this. Now’s the time. To do what? Well, first, you need to be repenting, America. Not just saying “Sorry I got caught.” (and oh, my, we are busted) but truly falling on your face and begging God to forgive us, and then accepting that there are going to be consequences for our national sins.

After that, if you haven’t already, you might want to lay in some extra non-perishable food, start raising some backyard chickens, put in a littleĀ  (or big, if you have the space) garden. Basically, start living like you can’t trust the system to provide, because you can’t. I know, a lot of us didn’t even know we were relying on the system. We thought we were doing things for ourselves. But look at egg prices. They’re slaughtering millions of chickens because of bird flu, prices are going up. Can you even get your own eggs?

It’s probably too late to materially prepare, but this might be a good quick-start guide for anybody who’s been sleeping until today. Honestly, you can only be so prepared for big disruptions. After the initial shock of SHTF, you have to be able to rely on your community to figure out how to proceed in the new conditions. So it’s our minds that really need to be prepared. Praying and fasting are in order.

As I said on SG (where you can also follow me, if you subscribe):

Christians, we are not promised an easy time of it. We are not promised a rapture (sorry) to make sure we never suffer a day in our cushy American lives. But we are promised that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. As we go into whatever is coming next, I will thank Him for sorting out the wrongs that have been done, for bringing us to our knees so that we may repent as a nation.

Turn to Him. Trust Him. Praise Him.

He’s got our ultimate good, and His own glory in mind.

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