The Jealous Mom

Jealousy seems like such an ugly word, doesn’t it?In these undiscerning times, we’ve learned to equate jealousy to its illegitimate half-brother, covetousness. Many times when you see a person accused of jealousy, that person is being defrauded of his rights, often brazenly to his face. As an example, a young man who is engaged to one girl might accuse her of jealousy when she becomes irritated at his attentions to another. By accusing her in that way, he deflects attention from his unfaithfulness by making her feel ashamed for caring that he is unfaithful.


She: Why are you talking so sweetly to my adversary while she twirls her hair in such a fetching manner?
He: What are you, jealous? If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a jealous woman!

Likewise, our God is a jealous God. Much atheist ink has been spilled over the spurious objection that jealousy is a petty and ugly thing that would be beneath the hypothetical God who, since He doesn’t exist, must take on whatever characteristics the atheist assumes would be most fitting for an Almighty God. Conveniently, he can then argue with this Being from his imagination instead of facing the real Almighty. But atheists don’t get to define God. He is Self-defining, and if He says He is jealous, then we’d better pay attention to what He means by that.

Jealousy is not a petty emotion, but a protective and loving one. There is a distinction between jealousy and covetousness: Jealousy has a right. Covetousness has none.

So, what does this have to do with mothering, you ask? Well, lots, actually. One of the most effective tools that Satan has used in our parents’ generation and ours to separate children from the influence of parents is the accusation of jealousy.

You think that a mommy’s kiss on an injured knee would be more fitting than a teacher putting a sterile band-aid on it? Why would you be so controlling? So involved? So jealous?

You don’t want other women raising your children? Tsk-tsk.

You don’t think Sunday School teachers can catechize your children better than you can? What do you think you are, some kind of theologian?

You won’t allow your kids to watch certain “kids’” programming because it blatantly indoctrinates children to believe that parents are at best cluelessly irrelevant, and at worst sinister killjoys?

You think that the public school version of sex education, history, and literature will corrupt your children’s morals, misinform their choices, and ruin their lives? That they would be better off learning about, oh, everything really, in the context of a loving home?JEALOUS! You are jealous, like that mean old God of yours!

Moms, don’t fall for this!

The World will try to convince you that you are a petty, small, and controlling person, if you think that you are the person to whom your children should turn for their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. We’ve been made to feel ashamed of our God-given, natural longing to be our babies’ first and best companions and friends.

Why is that? Are we not the possessors of the right and duty to nurture and guide our young? Are we not the ones who know both first and best what our children need? Of course we are!

But Satan is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. And do you know what prey is the easiest to devour? Unprotected young. They are weak and inexperienced, delicious and tender morsels for a hungry but cowardly enemy.  All intentional, thoughtful Christian moms are belittled by the world as “helicopter parents” for the high crime of demanding to know what their children are being taught, wishing to teach them their own faith, and wanting to control the influences that are brought to bear on those young lives.

This belittling is done for the same reasons, and in the same ways, as the cheating husband. The calumny is meant to shame us into surrendering our rights and privileges as the rightful participants in that intimate relationship. They intend to usurp our thrones as beloved Guides in our childrens’ lives. While allegations of jealousy are hurled at our heads, accusing us of “controlling” our children, the truth is that for a parent to willingly give up control of a child’s upbringing to a stranger employed by a godless State is the true dereliction of duty.

A woman who allows her husband to flirt with other women without rebuke is not an open-minded and loving girl, but a dupe and an abused woman. Not only that, but she encourages his sin by winking at it.

A God who doesn’t mind if you worship other gods is a cuckold, not a Being with the inherent dignity of Yahweh.

So what is a mother who allows the State and its propagandists to make her feel that her interest in her own children’s well-being is somehow dirty, abusive, or petty? They are the abusers. She is being defrauded of her family by a covetous and thieving “society”, and made to feel that she is wrong for objecting.

So, moms (and dads, but I speak to moms), know this: It is not only OK to be a jealous mom, it is a holy calling. Guard your children’s hearts. Guard their minds. Guide their choices. It is a father and mother’s duty, not the state’s, to ensure an education in righteousness. Don’t let the accusation of jealousy put you on the defensive. Do what God has given you to do.

(Note: This is a repost from December 1, 2014.)

Just Mommy

This is a repost from June 3, 2010. I can’t believe it has been eleven years since I wrote this! I’d write some things differently, and far more strongly now.

Just Mommy

I loved my second grade teacher. She had long, (bottle) blonde hair, and a sweet smile. Not only was she beautiful to me, but she had a clothesline strung across the classroom with stuffed animals and Hot Wheels clipped to it for bribing her students to work. A certain number of books read equaled a beautiful stuffed animal or doll in my pudgy little hands. Come to think of it, I loved my 5th grade teacher from the bottom of my heart, too, and she was also pretty handy with the prizes. We may be onto something here..

Anyway, I digress. Where were we? Oh, yeah. My teacher broke my heart.
She didn’t do anything mean, really. She just asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. She had us write about it, actually. My paper went something like this:

When I grow up, I want to be a mommy. I think I’d be good at it. I’d like lots of children.

Maybe there was more to it than that. I don’t remember. I turned in my paper, with the requisite poorly-drawn picture to illustrate. Instead of marking it with the usual red check-mark and smiley face, Miss Dixon called me to her desk.

“What else?”

I didn’t know what she meant, so I just looked at her with that slack-jawed, confused look that I still get when I’m dumbfounded. (That’s about twice a day, if you wondered.) She tried again. “What else do you want to be when you grow up? Mommy isn’t enough.”

I took my paper back to my seat and pondered for a moment. I was a sensitive child, and my feelings were more than a little hurt. What did she mean, what else? Mommy is BIG. Mommy is the whole world! It really was all I cared to be.

Being a second-grader, and not at all indoctrinated in philosophies of homemaking and childrearing, I didn’t argue. I struggled to come up with something else to write. Tears in my eyes (yeah, I was a wuss), I finally settled on saying I’d like to become a nurse.

Nurses are like mommies, but with thermometers, right?

I never really wanted to be a nurse, of course, but it was the answer I gave when asked this all-important question for the rest of my school years. Sometimes, just to shake things up, I said I’d like to be a doctor. I really did have an interest in medicine, and a good head for science, so it could have happened if I’d had any encouragement at all. I used to be a little bit bitter about the fact that no one cared what I “did with my life” or tried to encourage me in my studies. Now I wonder if God didn’t put blinders on the people around me to keep them from seeing my potential to do “more”.

My teacher thought she was doing the right thing in encouraging me to think outside the stuffy old traditional box, I’m sure. For all I know, she may have thought I needed her to help me shake off the tyranny of the patriarchy. But I didn’t appreciate being told I should do more than be wife and mother. What I felt, in that wordless way kids have of understanding things, was that there was something unjust about a world that didn’t think “mommy” was enough.

I grew, but that ambition my teacher was trying to instill in me didn’t. Thanks to her “guidance”, I grew up knowing I had to do something else with my life. Like everyone else, I learned to think of “mother” as something you become after you’ve proven that you can do grown-up stuff.

After high school I got a job. Then another. Then another. All my jobs involved changing adult diapers and administering meds in rest homes and group homes. I even started nursing school, but quit in despair. I hated it. Nursing is a calling, and I was decidedly not called. The book-work was easy enough, but the job itself made me want to scream. The one thing I knew for certain was that you should never, ever scream at sick people, so I packed it up and went home.

They say God draws straight with crooked lines. Through a series of bad choices I ended up jobless and without any desire to find a new job, or even to live at all. If it hadn’t been for all the dumb mistakes I made in high school and beyond, I’d probably have a “fulfilling” career by now. Instead, thanks to His mercy, I’m rejoicing in my growing family, filling the role of help-meet to a faithful and hard-working man, and looking forward to a life of (cover your eyes, feminists) submission to God’s will–and my husband’s.

The only problem is, I wasn’t trained to this! I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to roll up my sleeves and get down to the business of homemaking. No one told me there was this much work to do, or how many different plates I was going to have to spin at one time. There wasn’t anyone to tell me all this, because I didn’t actually know any homemakers. This is the job that I was told wasn’t enough to keep a woman’s mind active and her spirit content?


I’ve learned the hard way how to run my household and raise my children, and I’m going to pass along to my own daughter what I’ve learned. When some young man comes along to take her away from me, I’m going to make sure she doesn’t spend the first years of marriage twiddling her thumbs and wondering exactly what she’s supposed to be doing with all this “free” time–or worse, ignoring the most beautiful vocation on Earth because someone once told her “Mommy’s not enough.”

Friday Link-About

Happy Friday! Here are few links of interest for the week:

I’m on Gab now. Follow me @getalonghome, if you can get the page to load. I’m sure they’ll have everything running smoothly soon. Still on MeWe, too, and picking up speed there. I do kinda like it.

Researchers identify a new personality construct that describes the tendency to see oneself as a victim. 

An initial three studies established the TIV as a consistent and stable trait that involves four dimensions: moral elitism, a lack of empathy, the need for recognition, and rumination. A follow-up study further found that this tendency for victimhood is linked to anxious attachment  — an attachment style characterized by feeling insecure in one’s relationships — suggesting that the personality trait may be rooted in early relationships with caregivers.


Hmmm. Maybe “just mommies” are worth a little something to society after all.

Watch a skilled prosecutor lay out a convincing case. It wasn’t patriots making all the trouble on January 6th. But you knew that.

They’ve got John Sullivan, the Antifa who had a leading role in the storming of the Capitol Building. Also, a couple of Democrats who clearly are not MAGA. Makes me think we could start to see some justice done in this country soon.

I’m using this shiny new app, Foxhole, to watch and listen to a lot of my favorite news-and-views-type people.  I recommend listening to RedPill78, M3thods, and SomeBitchIKnow every chance you get.

A reminder to all who despair: This man is still our President, duly elected, impeached twice, defeated never.

And this man will never be that, no matter what happens next:

Not even a photoshop. Actual deranged face with matching soul.


Trump is set to declassify everything Obamagate. If you think he was holding off until now out of stupidity, or carelessness, you haven’t gotten to know this man at all. He was holding off because now is the right time to do it. There will be more booms to follow.  Just as the prophets foretold, it will be biblical.

Strange things are happening in D.C. No inauguration rehearsal. Razortape wire going up on fences around the Capitol, nobody is allowed on the National Mall at all? Interesting, no? I got all those factoids from Anonymous Conservative, who you could follow, and then I could blog about Mom stuff like I’m supposed to. It’s not like I know anything. Just passing it all along.

I’m riding this coaster all the way to the end. Meme shamelessly stolen from


I Feel Fine

Don’t you?

I’m hearing through my very limited social media contacts that a lot of people are extremely nervous. It’s too quiet. We’re not hearing much–really nothing–from the man who is still our President. We’re getting erased from the internet and there is literally nobody in government or the courts who will do anything about it.

The boot’s coming down! The boot’s coming down!

But I still don’t think so. Stop and think for a minute. Do you think the hardest-working president we’ve ever had is doing nothing, just because he isn’t broadcasting it on Twitter?

I feel encouraged by all the quiet, honestly. I reckoned in my last post that we’d hear nothing from Trump for a while, and that the media was going to go into a propaganda frenzy like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Was that wrong? No. It’s all lies, from sea to shining sea. And so there’s a fair chance that the rest of it is correct, as well.

If I had been wrong in thinking that this isn’t over, and that Donald Trump, with the help of a great many American patriots, still has an ace up his sleeve, he’d probably be on Gab or Parler, chatting up a storm and sounding completely impotent. He’d be on the news talking about how awful the injustice is. He’d be telling us how to prepare for his next campaign in ’24, or the new political party he’s forming. He’d be talking, because talking would be all that was left.

He’s not talking, I think, because he already has all the support he needs, and he’s working.  There are some mighty interesting things going on. Blackouts in key locations, executive orders hinting at actions already taken, resources being lined up, a state of emergency declared in D.C., DHS getting personnel shake-ups just as the state of emergency is declared, and the list goes on and on.

Am I just smoking hopium? I freely admit that there’s a pro-doom spin to be put on everything we can see happening. Are all those troops in D.C. really there to protect Biden’s tiny inauguration? Could be. Did Trump and Pence meet yesterday at the White House and walk out friends? If so, either Pence is no traitor and did exactly what Trump wanted him to, or Trump has accepted his defeat. Or there was really no meeting between the two. Which seems most likely to you? I honestly still don’t believe Trump is at the White House, though we’re repeatedly told that he is. Or, rather, I disbelieve it because we are repeatedly told that he is. (OK, I’m convinced now that he was at the White House. Deduct one point from my score. )

Did Trump really say that he “regrets” “conceding”? As far as I can tell, he never even conceded. Watch his speech more carefully and note that he never said Biden’s name, nor did he ever say he was giving up. And, strangely, his hair looked more grey when we saw him live on the 6th, when he said the words “We will never concede” than it did in the “go home” video and the “concession” video that were supposedly taken afterwards. It’s likely that neither of those videos was even made the day they were shown.

And when did you ever hear Donald Trump say he regrets anything? The word isn’t even in his vocabulary.

All this, and many other things add up, for me, to reinforcing my belief that we are in a time of blind waiting, but some are very active on our behalf. Believe nothing you see or hear, because there is so much going on that can’t be discussed. Nobody is revealing the truth in any way, and especially not the media.

I’m still on the fence as to whether Pence is a traitor, or a patriot allowing himself to look like one in order to set up a sting. Was his the part of Judas, or trap-setter?

Trump is supposed to be speaking at the Alamo today, presumably about that big, beautiful wall he’s been building. Some words I don’t expect to hear from him are “Biden administration” or “election”(Minus 2 more points, he did mention them). I wonder if he’ll say anything relevant at all, but I’ll be watching all the same, just in case.

How ya feeling, friends? Nervous? Hopeful? Confused? 

Update: Just saw this video from Monkey Werx and thought it was a nice reinforcement. Nothing. Is. Real. Until it is…you know.


Friday Link-About

I’ve started a group on MeWe, which is a privacy-oriented social media site similar to Facebook in its layout. There’s a free version, and a paid one. I’m still doing free for now. Join the blog group there, if you like.  I’d love to see you there!

Did you know that getting a flu shot, any flu shot, can make you more susceptible to other strains in the future? It’s one of the many reasons I refuse flu shots. Turns out the Cough vaccine could be the same way. Since it’s not even a proper vaccine, it can’t possibly be for the same reasons that happens with the flu shot, though.

I’ve already linked to this, but I don’t want you to miss it. Enemy plants try to break into the Capitol building, Trump supporters try to stop them. Because we have good people, almost every one of us. Our people didn’t even break past the barricades. Trump told them to peacefully protest, and peaceful they were. The police had to remove the barricades and urge them to the building! Now, why do you think they would do that?

I agree with Vox here. Something is not right with the video from last night. He has further input from someone who claims to be a professional cinematographer.

The Babylon Bee gets eerily close to what some of us are actually expecting. Trump Circumvents Twitter Ban with Emergency Alert System. 

I’m currently reading Sacred Cow: The Case for Better Meat, by Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers. I haven’t watched the film yet, but I’m very firmly in their camp. Meat is what humans should eat. Our world is built to support grazing animals, and can’t survive without them. We do need to be smarter about how we graze them. It is row crops and fertilizers that are really wreaking havoc on our land, not cows.

Drop any links you’re interested in sharing (and please don’t think you have to stick to politics or any of my other interests. What interests you?) in the comments.



Called One

Let’s see if I can call another. 

And there you have it. Pence cucked. I didn’t trust Mike Pence, and pretty much nobody else did, either. I knew when I saw Trump tweeting “courage” to him that there was no hope that he was on our side, and Trump knew it, too.

Trump did an amazing thing, not just yesterday, but at every one of the rallies he held over the four years of his first term. Yesterday was just his grand finale. He showed us, Core America, just how many of us there are, and how few of them. He showed us that there are literally a thousand of us for every one of them, and we love one another, because we love our beautiful country. People called it narcissism, loving to be in front of the crowds, but it was the exact opposite. He wanted them there so they could see how much they love one another as patriots.

Every traitor is revealed. The few–the Republicans, Democrats, three-letter agencies, leftist organizations–are all in on the steal together, and we can see it now. I believe that Trump and his loyal team knew that yesterday was going to be steered wrong by paid perpetrators of a false flag, and they also knew that the vast majority of patriots would know better than to join in. The fact that the recording of Trump telling people to go home and be peaceful was recorded prior to any of the events of the day is pretty solid proof that he was prepared for all of it.

Trump knew he could trust his rally-goers to behave well. But he also knew that a desire for justice doesn’t always allow cooler heads to prevail. In fact, many patriots, worthy Americans that they are, tried to stop the break-in, knowing that this was not conducive to our ends. A few hot-heads from our side probably followed the bad actors (and I mean “actors” quite literally), and a lady patriot was murdered in cold blood as she entered the House that belongs to all of us. I don’t condemn them for getting duped in the heat of the moment. Egregious wrongs against our country were being played out right in front of them. They chose an ineffective path in their anger.

I believe the planned “storming” was a play our side had to let the deep state make, and I don’t think they were happy to allow it, but it did accomplish the goal of allowing every single traitor in “our” government to feel safe in making his betrayal public. Because Trump supporters behaved SO BADLY, they were “forced” to change their mind about the blatant stealing of the election, and to allow Biden to become president-elect.

They think they have succeeded. I don’t know yet if they have or not. Biden is not yet president. Pence seems to be acting as a president right now, and Trump seems to be in exile of sorts. They’re talking impeachment or 25th amendment removal. I don’t think Biden will ever be president, no matter who wins the war that has now gone hot. At any rate, this coup isn’t stopping now, and the counter-coup has been well-planned. The question for me is, does Trump have enough loyal people, and no traitors, where he is now?

Prepare for an information war that dwarfs all the propaganda you’ve experienced in your entire, propaganda-soaked life. Nothing that you see from either side is going to be trustworthy for the next couple of weeks, including this, because what the heck do I know? I think we’re on Day One of that predicted “ten days of darkness” Q-tards (myself included) have been wondering about for so long. Trump will be deplatformed, and you have no way of trusting that it is really him on Parler or anywhere else he pops up. If it really was him, there’s so much going on that we can’t know about yet, that there’s not going to be a lot of information there.

What if I’m wrong? That’s the question that keeps me up at night.

If I’m wrong, Trump walks away from the presidency with his hat in his hand, tail between his legs, hoping to live out the rest of his life in peace among the people who are literally calling for his life and his family’s imprisonment. If I’m wrong, he’s been totally naive and thought that the game was winnable by lawfare alone. If I’m wrong, he has been so insulated by his rogue advisors about the truth of the deep state that he really didn’t know that the treachery went all the way through every “elected” official we have. If I’m wrong, he has either no intention or no power to right the deepest wrong ever done to a nation. He let that happen on his watch.

Is that the character of the man we’ve been following for the last four years? I so doubt it. There’s no way he didn’t know. There’s no way he lets that level of treachery go. He will fight until the last minute. We’ll support his efforts in prayer and whatever else we see that can be done. Most of us are in no position to do anything, but be ready, just in case.

So I guess that’s all a long way of saying that Trump still has America, and America still has Trump. Our enemies are, sadly, often the people we’ve called neighbor, or friend, or parent, but they are few. They’re just noisy. Look around you. Core America is here, and she is good, no matter how the media portrays her, and she loves Jesus Christ. Have faith and courage.  It’s not over.

Trust Pence?

I don’t know.

Lord knows I’ve spent enough time wondering whether I should. I was not reassured by the impression that I got from his speech in Georgia a couple of days ago. He said the right words, but his face seemed untrustworthy, like he was acting. Whether that’s because he was unsure what he’s going to do, or because he knows exactly what’s going to happen, his face plainly said to me that it would not be good news for us in the end.

Here’s an interesting post from Neon Revolt that claims to have some information. I hope this is all wet. I really do. Neon isn’t someone to be taken lightly, though.

And I remember how much courage we saw from the last people Trump called to courage.

A Call to Prayer and Fasting

I’m heavily burdened, as I’m sure all Christians are right now, to pray for this country. We are all concerned for Trump’s safety, and for the safety of the estimated three million patriots who are headed to Washington D.C. to show the strength of our numbers. Those few members of our state and national governments who are still trustworthy are deserving of our prayers for their safety and courage, as well.

Since I can’t show my support in the crowd Wednesday, I’m going to support them the most effective way I know how, by fasting and praying for our country from sundown tonight, January 4th, until sundown on January 6th. I ask as many who can and will to join me. This is not a political battle, my friends. This is spiritual. Our opponents are not driven by political differences, but by spiritual enmity. We’ve always known this, but the truth of it has never been more apparent. Because the spiritual aspect is closer than ever before to the surface, where it is impossible to deny, I believe our prayers have also never been more necessary or effective.

Please pray, my friends. Sitting here and trying to guess what will happen next will not benefit us at all, if we’re not also using our Spirit-given influence to implore God for mercy.

That said, I do have a few guesses as to what is going to happen, none of which forebode a peaceful ending. Trump is a peaceful man, and wants to leave our country not only better off, but better, no longer bloody and beligerent, meddling in the affairs of other nations for the sake of a few economic kings whose names most of us don’t even know. However, I believe he will do what it takes to see that no wrongs are allowed to slide by and multiply. That means we’re in for a bumpy ride.

I think Ted Cruz’s idea of a commission on election fraud (which sounded good at first blush) is a ruse to get the three million patriots marching on Washington D. C. to go home with the feeling that their march was a waste of time, and that they weren’t really needed. I think that he intends to pack it with jellyfish and wolves, not honest people, and that he, perhaps subconsciously, expects it to end in a Biden “victory”. Ted Cruz enjoys being the opposition, not the one actually having to work things out and lead. He also has some deep, festering wounds caused by Donald Trump’s calling out of some of his own vote fraud during the primaries of 2016, and the rumors that swirled around about him and a staffer, which came from Trump supporters. Trump trounced him. He has publicly supported Trump despite all this, and I think he is sincere about it, but something tells me that no matter how good his better angels have been thus far, he is still primed to turn on Trump at any time that he looks weak.

I still have no idea what to think of Pence. I don’t know if there is a plan between him and the president, or if he is being left to his own conscience. Trump definitely knows if he’s loyal, and is prepared for any eventuality. I pray that he is as loyal as he seems, because he could cleanly end this entire discussion on the 6th so we can move on to the next phase of getting our nation back from her betrayers.

I think Biden is going to have a virtual, fake inauguration no matter how the count of the electoral college vote goes down. He could be the only person inaugurated, but it is more likely to me that Trump takes the public, real inauguration, and Biden fakes one for the Shadow Government. Before he is arrested, he will be “president”, at least fo the CNN-watching crowd. He has already cancelled his in-person parade, ostensibly due to Covid-1984, but really because he would have no support whatsoever. It would be one long line of hecklers from start to finish. It would be dangerous and humiliating for him to be in public, and he knows it.

Rather, they know it. Biden himself has no authority. Obama made that abundantly clear. He will never concede or capitulate, because his masters won’t allow him to. I do believe the rumors that he has been wearing an ankle GPS monitor, but I don’t think it’s because he’s been under house arrest by white hat law enforcement. I believe his own side is making him wear it to keep him from running to Trump for mercy. They did that to Hillary, too, in my opinion, though I don’t think she’d have ever flipped. Isn’t it lovely how these people trust each other? Wouldn’t it be great for them to get back the reins of power?

If Trump is officially in the White House, with our loyal military, it will be a short cleaning-out of traitors. Justice will be done. That’s why they’re so insane. It’s pure panic. If Trump is somehow rooted out, as can only happen through an outrageous act of treachery the magnitude of which has only rarely been witnessed in history, our side–that of Core America–won’t have a clue which direction to shoot, or who to trust, even while we’re being further oppressed by tyrannical governors and illegitimate national leaders, so it will be a smoldering, long, ugly thing.

America is the last major stop on the One-World Beast Line. There are smaller nations who are not controlled by the world system yet, but they are so, so small. It’s us or nobody, and it’s now or never.

Go to D.C if you can. If you’re staying home, pray. 

A Weekly Homeschool Schedule

It’s January. Let’s get organized.

I’ve got a couple of new homeschooling mom friends who have wondered–with much more awe in their voices than I’m actually entitled to–how I keep eight students of different ages straight in my head. Honestly, I have in the past lost track of one or more students while thinking I had everything under control. I have one child who is so quiet and clever that he can make me forget to do his lessons, like a Jedi. It would be creepy, if he weren’t so cute.

One of the tools I’ve been using for a couple of years to make sure I know where we’re all supposed to be at any given moment, is this free printable week planner. This one gives me a plan for how our time will be used, but doesn’t get into the details of what we’re doing. Details are written out elsewhere. I’ve made a sample plan for you that doesn’t resemble our own very much for the sake of our privacy:

Sample Weekly Schedule

Each person in the family is assigned a color, with my color, purple in this sample, being the base color. The “everybody” color is blue, Child #1 is green, Child #2 is red, etc. If a child is with me directly for a chunk of time, his stripe is right up against mine, so I can see quickly who is entitled to my attention at that time. If he doesn’t have a stripe on a particular block, that means he has flexible time to play or finish whatever chores or schoolwork he has. I put chores on here, too. On Monday, Child #2 will be my dinner helper. Everybody cleans the chicken coop on Tuesday. You get the idea.

Our morning meetings are the times when we do whatever we can together, like Bible study, prayers, reading aloud from Shakespeare or Plutarch, PE, art and music study. The length of that meeting varies, so I do the week schedule after the lesson plans are finished. I give each student an individual meeting time for one-on-one teaching. If you have only three students, like the sample planner pictured above, you’ll have quite a bit more free time and flexibility than I do. I try to get to everybody one-on-one at least three times a week.

Maybe you don’t even need a plan at this moment. Don’t feel pressured to be organized if you’ve got everything well in hand without the extra work! When I was a new homeschooler with only a few kids, I didn’t often feel like I needed a plan, but after a while I did start to notice things slipping through the cracks, even with just a few students. Now that I’m teaching all stages, from three-year-old preschool to almost-grown ups (oh, my!), I definitely do need a little more structure to my day.

I use this planner for lesson plans, and the older kids have their own ways of organizing (or not) their independent work.

Since the only people who even know about this blog are my old readers who kept their subscriptions active when I stopped blogging a few years ago, I’m sure you are already doing things your own way, and many aren’t even homeschooling anymore. But if anybody is interested, or knows some new homeschoolers who would benefit, I’d be happy to show more about how we follow, roughly and haphazardly, and not at all in a way that Charlotte Mason would approve, a Charlotte Mason-style education using Ambleside Online.



2021 Incoming!

Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a blog post and write a short prompt, then save it as a draft for later when I have more time, or better clarity on the subject. I did that yesterday, but instead of hitting “save draft”, I hit “publish”, so you all got a half-baked post in your inbox. Sorry about that. Well, not really sorry. It’s an interesting topic. Y’all probably do know who runs this world, right? But a lot don’t, so I may have some more words on that eventually.

Anyhow, I’d like to wish all of you a very happy 2021. I’d do a look back on 2020, but it would only cause trauma for a number of us. The political turmoil has been, for me, a pretty big drag on my attention, and for many it has been materially damaging because of the disruption to the economy. So many of my family and friends lost loved ones or had health problems crop up. There’s a particular dear friend of mine who is constantly on my heart who is going through the worst nightmare a mother could ever imagine with her child–probably worse even than losing them to death. 2020 has earned its reputation.

But our family is sitting here basically unscathed. I’ve got a severe case of survivor’s guilt over here. Arrows are whizzing over my head and on every side of me, hitting people I know and love daily, and I don’t even have a scratch on me. In fact, I had a pretty great year. One thing I know about surviving, though, is that nobody gets out of this place alive, or lives without loss, so our day is surely coming.

Praise God, anyway, as I’ve often heard my father say!

What will 2021 hold? I am not a prophet, nor the daughter of a prophet (although Dad is a pretty compelling preacher), but I have some ideas of where I think–or hope–things are going. Wishful thinking is a thing around here, so feel free to darken my more optimistic predictions with your own brand of pessimism, if you feel so inclined. In fact, you can just look at these predictions as more of a wish-list.

My pessimist friends, we’ll all go through the same year, but some of us are going to do it with a much lower cortisol level.

  1. A Dark Winter? I do think this winter is going to be the very peak of Deep State treachery in an effort to wrest the White House from the only honestly-elected president I’ve seen in my adult life. They want their Great Reset, and they have no time to wait him out, so they will double down in every conceivable way. There will be further virus scares made up from whole cloth, lockdowns, riots and terrorism paid for Soros and his ilk, media defamation and dehumanization of Core America, especially Christians. The enemies of God have promised us a Dark Winter, but Satan doesn’t actually get to decide the outcome. Truth will always assert itself, and the lies will fail.
  2. People will rise up. Store owners are going to open up and defy governors to shut them down. A few already have, and many more will follow. They have to, if they want to survive. More people are going to unmask because they finally understand that they’re being lied to about how viruses spread. This will require individual courage, thoughtfulness, and willingness to be seen changing one’s mind and heart in public–something I’ve become accustomed to as a blogger, but that most people have literally never experienced. But I’m proof that it can be done. The more likely thing is that the masks and lockdowns will simply end because the political climate will no longer require them.
  3. A brighter spring and summer? We will see normalcy begin to return on the viral front. The biological weapon was actually a dud, taking out largely the population that was going to die of the flu regardless, but the psy-op was strong. I don’t know if people will ever be convinced of the truth about covid-19, which is that it wasn’t much of a thing, and a good many of the people who “caught” it never would have known it was anything but a common cold if the media hadn’t programmed them to look for it. I do know some folks who were laid pretty low by it, but it was the same population you’d expect to have a very hard time with any virus.
  4. Donald Trump will retain the presidency. This one I would put money on, if I had any. I don’t know if it will be via the electoral college path or some other, less peaceful, way. It does look like Georgia is going to be flipped back to its rightful winner, and Arizona and Pennsylvania look very promising in the next day or two. Regardless of the means, I don’t see any way Donald J. Trump lets the Deep State steal our nation. I think he’s prepared to face any decision necessary to free us from them.
  5. Revival is coming. I have seen so many people come to Christ or return to their first, fervent love for Him in the past year that I am confident that we’ll see more of the same. Whether driven to it by hard times, or convinced by current events to flee the coming wrath, new converts are being made daily.
  6. The media is going to lose its grip on the national mind. No need to elaborate on this, as there is nobody who doesn’t already see it happening. They are actors, not journalists!
  7. Y’all, my readers, are going to get healthier. You’re going to do this because I’m going to show you how, and I’m going to make it easy enough that you will want to make changes. You do know you’re in control of a great deal of the pain and suffering in your life, don’t you? Modern medicine would like you to believe that you’re just broken if you have a chronic illness, and that they have an expensive magic pill for that, but the truth is that it’s your environment, and especially your food, that is harming you. Your body is not the culprit at all. It’s just doing what it has to, given its circumstances. If you’re not dead yet, you can improve things drastically. If you’re already the picture of health, stick around. You can either help me encourage others, or argue with my recommendations and sharpen my iron. Either way, we all win.

And resolutions? Just one:

  1. I’m going to see my extended family more often. It is really pathetic how I’ve let most of my adult life go by without even contacting my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I’ve reconnected with a number of them recently and realized just how important,and how comfortable, family is. I’ll put a lot of extra miles on my big white van dragging the kids all over the country-side to get to know the people from which we come. Should be fun, especially with our new driver taking the wheel more often.

What do you think of this new year? Hopeful and exciting, or the same drag we had last year, only more so?